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Today is the day to get the Best Best Buy Deals

I know that a number of you are happily fighting crowds today to get some awesome Black Friday deals, but if you’re anything like me you’re avoiding the brick and mortar stores at all costs. Luckily for us, many great deals are available online too so we don’t have to miss out on all of the action! In particular, I want to point out that if you’ve been waiting to buy stuff from Best Buy, today is the day. Not only do they have some incredible deals online, but if you shop at Best Buy via the Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall, you will earn an extra 10 points per dollar on top of the points you already earn from your credit card.

No Double Dip

A number of people have asked me whether a double-dip opportunity exists here. As I’ve pointed out before, with Sears, you can go through the Ultimate Rewards Mall once to buy gift cards, and then a second time to use the gift cards. In this way you earn Ultimate Rewards points twice! Unfortunately, the terms and conditions for Best Buy are very clear that you will not earn points for the purchase of gift cards:

Great Deals

Despite the lack of a double-dip, 10 points per dollar is still terrific. If you value Ultimate Rewards points conservatively at only 1.5 cents each, then you are getting a 15% rebate on every purchase on top of whatever Black Friday deals are also in place. Here are just a few tempting deals I see right now online:

Half off coffee maker plus 10 extra points:

A laptop for $180 plus 1800 extra Ultimate Rewards points:

An iPod touch and a $50 Best Buy Gift Card:

This may not be the most amazing discount you can get, but it is notable that when you get a rebate rather than a discount, you get extra Ultimate Rewards points. For example, if they had simply discounted the iPod touch another $50, then you would get 500 fewer Ultimate Rewards points for this purchase.

Happy shopping everyone!

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Michael H

Double dip opportunity if you have the chase freedom card. I bought best buy gift cards at kohls for 10x points back and will use online. Anyone know max amount of gift cards one can use online?


any final word on kohls double dip opportunities


Best buy allows a max of 20 gift cards per transaction

Michael H.

Thanks Scott!


I wish I could find something to buy on today. Nothing is whetting my whistle. šŸ™