The Spouse and Upgrades Debate

If you have airline elite status, you’ve probably encountered this issue: you get upgraded, but your travel companion does not. The question is what to do? Take the upgrade and wish your companion well? Give the upgrade to your companion? Give up the upgrade to someone else?

While Jason from MilesQuest is out with two broken wrists due to a car accident, other BoardingArea bloggers are writing guest pieces in his blog. Think of it as being like writing a giant “get well soon” on his Facebook wall. Anyway, today is my turn and today I wrote about the great upgrade debate.

Has this happened to you? If so, what did you do?

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O’ this one is E-Z. “Happy wife – Happy life”! She gets the seat. My best friend has done so much for me it would take 1 million upgrades to get 1/2 way even for all she does for me.


I had a similar dilemma about 72hrs before my flight from ORD-SEA. I was upgraded but my daughter who I was picking up from my parents at ORD was not. Since UA could not confirm a seat in 1st for her and seat availability was unlikely and starting to become scarce in coach I took a seat in coach with my daughter.


I always take downgrade to sit with my fiancé she feels guilty taking my upgrade.


not a problem on American – of course I’m paying for both my husband and myself with the 500 mile credits


Wife never accepts it and gets mad if I downgrade. I can trick her into taking my seat from time to time, but that never goes over well for me. She always says, “You’re the one who did the work for it; you should get the upgrade!”