ShopAtHome? $5 Free?

Yesterday, I ran across an online cash-back mall called  The cash back amounts they advertise are quite a bit more than other cash back portals I’ve used (such as Big Crumbs and Mr. Rebates).  Has anyone tried this mall?  If so, how was your experience?

If anyone is interested in giving this mall a try, here is my signup link: signup for ShopAtHome.  Supposedly, if you signup with this link, you’ll get $5.  I’ll also get $5, but only if you make $20 in purchases within a month.  Please note, though, that I am not recommending this service since I’ve never tried it!

One interesting find:  Most stores within the ShopAtHome mall explicitly say that gift cards are excluded.  JC Penney, though, simply says “You get cash back on all purchases.”  They are currently offering 9% cash back and free shipping, so it may be possible to double-dip: buy gift cards, and then make a purchase in order to get 18% cash back. This would be in addition to any discounts you get through promo codes. Is anyone willing to give it a try?  If so, please let me know how it goes!

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sent ya an email on this! – rene


The $20 hurdle is very annoying, but otherwise seems to post purchases as normal. I use it for Walmart primarily because of the higher rate. They will occasionally offer free items after cash back from Walmart and other stores, but nothing big.

Saurabh S

It is asking me for the emial address of the friend who referred you..


Yes, it’s real.
The 110% match works.
They show trackbacks unlike BC, which is nice.
They pay on time but with a real check in the mail instead of paypal.
marriott is a pain to get paid (also with bc so it’s probably marriott not the portals).
they are not on evreward so you need to check them manually for every purchase which is lame.
definitely read the t&c for each purchase since the rules can be diff (e.g., their rules for are diff. than BC’s rules for; the rate for specific purchases at a site are different (e.g., newegg))


I use’s Cash Back. They also has coupon codes and free shipping offers, plus better cash back rates and more stores than the other guys. There’s a $10 bonus right now when you create a free account. Plus, I got an extra $5 for referring a friend!


Mary: Thanks! Since you contributed here, feel free to post your referral link if you have one.

Saurabh S

Off topic but wanted to get your thoughts on how to save on gas by using gift cards. Do you have a strategy that has worked. I explored the UR mall but haven’t found anything.. Thanks! Saurabh


I realize this is an old post, but has anyone got any recent experience with this portal?


I am interested in seeing anyone’s recent experiences…………their payouts are crazy…………do they work on store gc thru the portal?