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The Ultimate Rewards Mall continues to shine with outstanding bonus point offers. 

Reader Jennifer W tipped me off that Groupon has quietly increased their points-back in the Ultimate Rewards Mall from 12 points to 15.  With the fair trading price of Ultimate Rewards points at 1.31 cents each, this amounts to nearly a 20% rebate on already heavily discounted Groupons.  Not bad!  I find myself checking the Groupon Getaways fairly often, just in case…

Below is the current list of online stores that give 10 points or more through the Ultimate Rewards Mall.  For Macy’s shoppers, note that Macy’s is at 10X this month!


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UR fan

Can you list all the merchants on this list that have confirmed to work with double dipping E gift cards/purchasing for a second round? ie Sears…does Macys work? What about Kohls? Thanks!

One great thing about Groupon is that they are extremely flexible.. if you forget to use any of their deals..just call them up and they will work with you..even if it was months ago..you can at least get a credit for future groupons…also if you have ANY issues with the groupons..they will also go an extra way to make sure you are satisfied…nice company to work with!

I use their Android App and love the Daily deals section for lunch/dinner ideas..always going through the portal!
I’m going to look more into the restaurants.com..I bought some years ago and am happy to say that even if the company goes out of business or doesn’t accept the certificates in the future..they will let you use them for future purchases..I have certs from several years ago that I can now use for current restaurants in my area..There is also a coupon floating around to get 80% off..thanks for the UR tips and keep them coming!


UR fan: I love the name! I’m a UR fan too (obviously!). Thanks for the great tips about Groupon. As to your question about listing all of the merchants: I wish I could say that I knew the answer to that. The double dips I know of that work are: Sears, Kohls (most of the time, but I once didn’t get credit for a card purchase), Magazines.com. Tune in tomorrow to see how I hope we can build up more info!


I think a post devoted just to the double-dip would be a good thing. I can confirm that the DD works with tirerack.com, I just bought a $250 GC and spent it on some stuff. Both 3X points have posted to UR.

And I’ve DD’d Sears, but I think everybody knows that works.

Currently attempting the DD with Kohls and magazines.com. I’ve got the front-half of magazines.com, awaiting the back-half.


tgienger: Awesome information! Thanks for sharing! Please also consider sharing this info on the MilePoint thread that I started here: http://milepoint.com/forums/threads/gift-card-churning-data-collection-thread.24592/

And, yes, I plan to add a page to the Frequent Miler site with known double-dips — as long as they adhere to the rules I wrote about today: join-the-gift-card-churning-conversation/


Thanks for heads up about 15 points at groupon. My partner mentioned a $3K invialign deal and the 45K extra points made it too hard to pass up for her Christmas gift.


HikerT: Great! Yes, I can imagine that 45K points would be a great incentive!