Nook contest update and a new prize!

The contest to Win a Nook continues! Until Feb 14th, all you have to do to enter is add a single line to the ever growing story. Even better, you can enter the contest as many times as you’d like!

At the time of my writing this post, there are 520 lines to the ongoing Nook story!  In the previous update I summarized the adventures of TSA Special Operative Scott Scanner.  Since then, the story has continued to get crazier than before.  It’s so zany, I won’t even try to summarize it this time.  I will say, though, that there are many hilarious one liners and plot twists.  I‘ve found myself literally laughing out loud many times.  My favorite has to be the flying Hyatt that repeatedly circles the international date line to get more points (and, presumably, credit towards hotel elite status).  I know.. It doesn’t sound funny when I re-tell it… 

Interim Contest!

OK, yes, I’ll admit it: running a contest like this for 3 weeks is a bit long.  Too long.  Agonizingly long.  So, to break things up a bit, I’ll occasionally hold an interim contest!  Sometime tomorrow (Sunday) I’ll roll a 600 sided die to pick an interim winner who will receive, via email, a $20 Barnes & Noble Gift Card!  If the winner of the gift card happens to also win the Nook on Feb 14, then they can use it to buy e-books for their new Nook!  Otherwise, the winner of the gift card, can use the gift card to buy old fashioned books made out of trees (remember those?).

Win a Nook!

Reminder: Until Feb 14th, you can win a Barnes & Noble Nook Color simply by adding a comment to our ever growing story. Visit this page to participate!

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Sounds good!


Im in veas right now and im having decent luck. Hope it follows to your blog contests.


Mike: Good luck!


Count me in.


B & N gift card. Nice. I’m in. BTW, great Hyatt update!

sheryl cullum

Good idea 🙂


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