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OK, so this is a little embarrassing.  Last night I wrote that it might take a while for Ultimate Rewards Mall points to post if you bought “free after rebate” software in order to get thousands of Ultimate Rewards points for free at  Well, this morning I found that all 4X points have already posted!  And, yes, I paid with my American Express Reserve card.



I bought the software on Thursday.  Hopefully your points will post soon too!

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ok, Avis PPM as described a few weeks back did not work, no points posted

I am now trying rental cars via Priceline PPM, stay tuned…


My points posted from my Thursday, 2/16 order too! =) Thanks!


Hmm.. since I ordered a day after you hopefully mine will post tomorrow as well! 🙂


Avis points take a while to post. My January rentals posted last week.


Hey FrequentMiler,

I just discovered your blog recently and was going through some of your old posts. I noticed one post where you purchased some camera equipment from Sears and resold it on ebay. Just FYI, it appears that you used auction-style listings, whereas fixed-priced listings have substantially lower fees for electronics ( In every category other than electronics, auction fees are lower.

Of course, fixed-price listings do cost $0.50 upfront (while auctions are free), but the fee differential easily makes up for it. And often times, things sell for more in a fixed-priced listing (but it does require a little research to set the right price).


Nick: Thanks for sharing the tip! I didn’t know about the advantage of fixed priced listings at the time, but luckily for me when I sold stuff in December, EBay was actually running a promotion where the auction closing fees were discounted. I have, since then, run only fixed priced listings for exactly the reason you said.


Did the Staples points post due to a cycle of the Ultumate Rewatds account or does it appear to be time based (ie 5 days after purchase date)?


Aren’t some of these software deals free after you upgrade from another version of software? I thought they had AV protection from company A if you had last years version of A’s software or B’s software. What if you don’t have a prior version? Does this still work?


BothofUs2: I think it is time based. It is very common for Ultimate Rewards Mall purchases to appear about 4 days after a purchase. I don’t know why my previous Staples purchase took 8 days, but that’s not uncommon either.

Lawrence: That may be true for some deals, but the offer that ran last week didn’t require having an earlier version.


I’m stuck in “researching” here . . .


Hi, Y’day I got an email from chase that I earned 2800 (700×4)extra points from I used my chase Ink bold card for this purchase so it should be 6300 (700×9). what do you think?? should I contact chase?


shoaib: No, you don’t need to contact Chase. The email you got was about the points earned through the Ultimate Rewards Mall. They correctly awarded you a 4X bonus. Your 5X from the Ink Bold is separate and should post automatically with your monthly statement.


No points posted for order from 2/17/2012.

Order status is “Researching”, “We’re sorry. Delivery of your order may be delayed”. I have a voicemail which says: The order is currently on hold for verification. Please call us back at (877) 312-9737. Your order will be held up to 3 business days. If we have not received a call back. The order will be canceled. Thank you.

Is there a way to confirm that the rebate submission is good? If rebate is at risk for any reason, then I’d rather let the order be cancelled.


my order was placed on 2/17, received an email today that it was cancelled


Kroozer: I don’t know of any reason that the rebate wouldn’t work. I’ve received confirmation on mine that the rebate was being processed.

corey: Sorry to hear that! Did they tell you why it was cancelled?