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For quite a while, it used to be possible to earn 10 miles per dollar at Sears when shopping through the Aadvantage eShopping portal.  Similarly, the Ultimate Rewards Mall offered 10 points per dollar at Sears at various points in time.  Today Aadvantage is down to 6X and Ultimate Rewards is down to 4 or 5X (depending on which card you log in with).  However, thanks to this tip from DealSeeker, you can once again earn 10 miles per dollar!  The downside?  We’re talking Delta SkyMiles here:



Delta SkyMiles are definitely not worth as much as American Airlines miles or Ultimate Rewards points, but if you’re a regular Delta flyer, this can be a great deal.  Does anyone want to try to double-dip here?  Go through the mall to Sears to buy e-gift cards and then go through again to buy stuff with the gift cards for a possible total of 20 miles per dollar.  The process works with the Ultimate Rewards Mall, but not so well with the Aadvantage eShopping portal. 

Anyone?  Anyone?

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I gave it a try. I ordered an e certificate at 10X but when I went to buy something with it, it was past midnight eastern time so the delta portal only offered 2X. I did the purchase anyway. So if I get 12X I think the double dip is confirmed. If I get 10X the double dip is a fail.


Southwest is offering 9 points per $


Akhil: Southwest only shows 2 points per $ for me. Maybe that deal expired as well?

Piecerate: Thanks for trying this! I can’t believe the 10X deal disappeared so quickly. Anyway, it will be great info in case the deal comes back in the future.