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For those eagerly awaiting news about the latest Staples free after rebate items, here’s an update:

The good news is that Staples has a new Free After Rebate item for which you are allowed 10 rebates. Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus is on sale for $35 with a $35 easy rebate, so this will mean $350 worth of credit card spend and as much as 3150 free points! The problem right now is that the Staples system is messed up and is only allowing you to order 1 at a time. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.  Rather than order each copy separately, I plan to give their IT staff at least until Tuesday to fix this. The offer is good until Saturday (3/31).  Once this is resolved, I’ll post step by step instructions as usual.

GiftCardGranny update:

A couple of people have reported inaccurate prices were listed by for reselling your gift cards to PlasticJungle.  The founder of GiftCardGranny has weighed in with the following information:

Plastic Jungle provides us with a data feed of all their sell percentages. It is suppose to be updated every day on their end. This is the first I’ve heard of the rates on our site not reflecting what is on their site. Be assured, we will look into this and make sure our information is accurate.

I use regularly so it’s great to hear that they’re taking the issue seriously.  In the meantime, be sure to double check PlasticJungle’s rates, which can be found here.

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Two questions:

What happened to the McAfee Antivirus you sent our yesterday? Is that still good as well?

If we already participated in the Titanium within the last few weeks for the 10 users, is a second purchase with the FAR possible?


Is Trend Micro antivurus using easy rebate just like the trend micro internet last week? No need to print and send in form??


@sil, why don’t you check out and find out?


Scott- When I clicked on the rebate for Trend Micro antivirus, it took me to a form that didn’t look like the previous Trend Micro Internet easy rebate deal so I thought i would ask. I didn’t think many of us would like to do the snail pace mail in rebate.

Thanks very much Frequent Miler for the answer.


When you read the T&Cs of this rebate form, it is good from the 25th to the 31st of March, so there is no way this is the same rebate. However, question becomes if Staples still would honor this rebate since both products are very similar ???


I’m trying to find where it says you can do this 10 times on the staples site. I don’t see anything indicating the number of times the rebate can be claimed.

Where is that info coming from?



Peope ask some irritating questions. The Frequent Miler is gacious enough to keep us up to date with current ideas and schemes but do things really need to be posted in excruciating detail?? And do people need to keep asking the same question over and over?? Time to put on your big boy and big girl underwear and not only read the post and the associated comments already posted, but also so some research on your own. Real research, not just glancing. And for God sake use the “search” feature.


Evan, totally agree with you. Folks, please open the rebate form and actually take a few seconds to read it, and you’ll get all the information you need. It’s not brain surgery.


‘use the search feature’ and welcome to Flyertalk:)


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