This is cool.  A friend forwarded to me this Techcrunch article about a startup website called EveryLodge.  EveryLodge presents a clean Kayak-like interface to help you find flash-sale hotel deals.  These are the hotel deals you find on sites like SniqueAway, Groupon Getaways, TripAlertz, LivingSocial, etc. Besides being a helpful website, this startup seems to have found a way around legal barriers to consolidating data from these sites.  It will be interesting to see if the site survives legal challenges.  I hope so, because after spending a few minutes with it I’ve found it quite helpful.

With an upcoming trip to Paris in mind, I was able to use this site to quickly filter by location:


I saw that there were two hotel deals in Paris.  However, when I put in the dates of travel (in August), the deals disappeared.  This wasn’t at all surprising since these flash sales tend to be near term deals, but it was very cool that I could determine that so quickly and easily.  Nice job EveryLodge.

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Very nifty site. Thanks for the tip!


Cool site!!


Ahem, luxurylink.com. It blows away SniqueAway, Groupon Getaways, TripAlertz, LivingSocial, etc. Don’t know why but LL never gets any mention. A while back I saw Groupon Getaways offering a property that was on LL. LL trounced it. August in Paris? Check out Castille Paris. Throw in a 10% off coupon and 3% ebates and it can’t be beat. Feel free to use my referral link to sign up and get $100 off your first purchase: http://www.luxurylink.com/invite/hikert but you might do better using a 10% off coupon (found on ebates) for your first purchase.


HikerT: Thanks for the reminder about luxurylink. I’ll signup with your link and I’ll also see if I can contact EveryLodge to ask them to add LuxuryLink to their tool.


It may be harder for EveryLodge to incorporate LL since LL offers both auction and fixed pricing. They also add a $40 booking fee (but no taxes).

FWIW, I almost never go with the “buy it now” option since auctions save quite a bit and you are rarely bidding against anyone – but if you need refundability, definitely go with the fixed pricing.

One thing I should also point out with Luxury Link (since you’re going to be looking for chances to double to triple dip :D) is coupons and referral or signup credits don’t stack. For example, you’ll get a $100 credit in your account for signing up with that referral link but if you use a new customer 10% off (or $100 off) coupon they will reverse out the credit from your purchase and it will be available for a future purchase. So think of the sign up credit as an existing customer coupon. Same with referral credits – you’re just accumulating $100 coupons that won’t stack, and nothing you can’t get by just creating a new account. Since referral credits don’t stack, it removes a lot of the incentive to abuse the referral program (to fraudulently generate free trips from bogus referrals) as we saw with Jetsetter and TripAlertz.

Andrew Nicol

Thanks everyone for the feedback. We know about Luxury Link and are working to incorporate it – but as you guessed, its pricing model is a bit different and so it doesn’t fit neatly alongside the other services we track. Keep an eye on the EveryLodge blog for an update when we get it added.


Andrew Nicol: Thanks for joining the conversation! It’s great to have someone from EveryLodge here.

Sun: It’s certainly true that not all of these flash deals are good deals. That’s not a knock against EveryLodge: they just make it easy to find the deals. It’s up to the consumer to decide if the deal is worth getting.


I tried a search on San Diego, CA. Embassy Suites came up with $299/night as a special. I am not sure in what context that is seen as a deal. I book rooms at a third of that price.