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Regarding issues with getting cash back for Club Carlson stays…

I received an email from Natasha at TopCashBack today.  She says that the following message is being sent out to all TopCashBack members affected by this glitch.  If you were affected, you should get this message sometime tomorrow:

Hi there,

We’re contacting you as we noticed you made at least one booking with Radisson and/or Country Inns & Suites since May 14th and we want to keep you fully informed about a small hitch that occurred with these merchants.

The hitch happened between June 7th and 21st, resulting in any transactions/bookings made and/or completed stays during this time with these merchants automatically showing in TopCashBack accounts, and remaining, at $0.

All other bookings and completed stays outside of this should not be affected and should show at 10% cashback once your stay has been completed.

The blip was ironed out on June 22 and the hoteliers have promised that ALL valid bookings and stays during June 7th and 21st will still have their cashback honored. We have been working hard to organize a way to ensure our affected members are paid their cashback as seamlessly as possible and we will write back to you as soon as the method has been finalized. Hopefully it will simply be a case of the cashback automatically updating in members’ accounts.

Please accept our apologies for this hiccup in service and the delay in relaying it to you. We appreciate your patience very much and will send a message with an update soon. Due to the 4th July holidays it may take until the end of next week to hear back from the businesses concerned, but we will give you further details – hopefully with final, very positive, information – as soon as possible.

Very best wishes,

The TopCashBack Team

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Connor Heim

My stay on June 1st was showing as $0 in TCB… so the dates above are incomplete. Submitted a claim form, will wait and see!


@ Conner: I think TCB is a scam……….they got in over their heads and can’t payout what they promised.




to claim tcb is a scam is a bit far off, i have started tcb because of radisson, but i have used a two other merchants so far, and they are working fine so far.
if u have only done one radisson stay during the affected period, u are basing your opinion on one transaction which is stupid.


No problems for me.


I have used TCB about a dozen times, although not with a hotel, and it has worked fine. Like all cash back sites it takes a while for the cash to be ready in your account, but it does get these.


Please be patient and don’t rush to judgement quickly. I got paid yesterday via paypal for some purchases from them (Radison, 4 Cardpool transactions, Kohl’s) and a $10 referal posted as pending as well. Got the above email related to Country inn booking and a couple of follow up from them this morning notifyiing me that they had hent the info to Radisson for conf and verification. Just don’t expect an overnight payment for your clickthru…


I also haven’t gotten my payout
We will see. Transaction since the Amazon GC deal


I got the email but haven’t received any update or credit for my stay on June 8.


Radisson did not honored booking through TCB for my 2 stays. Both showed up as $0.00 with a note indicating that the booking did not qualify for cashback. However my other bookings at BigCrumbs did work.


FM – you may want to reach out to your friends at TopCashBack. Looking at this thread on FT looks like they are doing their best to screw over a lot of us: Not a pretty sight


Phil: Thanks. I have been in contact with Natasha about these issues. Hopefully they’ll be a positive resolution somehow!


Had sort of forgot about TCB…checked yesterday and everything is listed as payable except one purchase that Cardpool is trying to decline. I’m going to submit a claim on that, but happy to see my referrals and other credits finally available!