Maybe later?

Secure message regarding card ending in 1226:

Dear Ink Plus,

I must say, I am flattered by your recent offer.  Words can’t describe how tempted I am!  You are, clearly, just as desirable in every way as your twin sister, Ink Bold.  I am intrigued, too, by your suggestion that we could try out our relationship for a while. As you said, six months is plenty of time to see how much interest we have in each other. 

Things were different with your twin.  When we began dating, she boldly declared that a relationship is not worthwhile if it does not pay off immediately.  That is where you two differ the most.  I took a chance with her and my life has been incredibly rewarding as a result.  Despite your differences, I have no doubt that the same would be true with you.

For now, I must turn down your offer.  It’s too soon for us, Ink Plus, especially considering my recent flirtations with others: Discover, Forward, Hilton, and Cash Plus. Its not you, but the pull of Ink Bold and these others that keeps me from saying yes.

You asked me to give you an answer before the end of the year, so this is it.  I beg of you, though, to please give me more time.  I know that in a month or two memories of my flirtations will fade, and then I’ll be ready.  Will you accept me then?

Yours truly,


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Haha this is great. Made my day


No doubt you will succumb to her charms, as will I!




Ha – Perfect way to start the day. Laughing.

Ink Plus

Dear FM

If I am going to have to wait, you may have to spend twice as much to satisfy my cravings to be swiped at the depot. Otherwise I have no problem waiting to be yours and reunite with my twin. Looking forward to the reunion.



Mileage Update

You seem to have a real relationship with these cards. Haha, me too.


50 K points after first purchase ? It was too good to pass up for me and managed a mini App blitz because of it and got approved for all .

Peter S

When it comes to CC, we are all cheaters. It’s so hard to stay monogamous.


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I applied for the Ink Plus a couple of weeks ago, got shot down . I called Chase 3 Recon 3 different times, same answer , You have opened 6 Chase accounts this past year. No can do, would you cancel some of the accounts??
I want to keep my Hyatt and Marriot for Obvious reasons ,
but I could give up my Swest and Ink Bold, or just wait another few months

Whatcha` think??

Ozaer N.

FM…you gigolo you…heheh….since your turning her down, my turn to take a spin at this village bicycle…Ill fill you in on the details in the locker room. Thanks buddy!

Frequent Flyer Collector

Bold is going to start charging me to keep her around in a couple months. Hopefully I’ll be recovered from my recent flirtations by then and be able to bring Plus into the fold 🙂


Have ur wife bring out the best of ink plus. I’m sure u’ll benefit


If you were to do it over again, which would you choose, Bold or Ink Plus?


Ink Plus made me wait a month after I asked her out before showing up at my doorstep. And I had to call her three times in that month and answer all kinds of personal and business related somewhat rude questions.

People say good things come to those who wait…

Well guess what? OD pulled VRs a few days before Ink Plus finally decided to show up. My idea of the best first date was OD, but things change.

And then, like all men, I was tempted by a new girl ion town named Amex, sold to me by BigCrumbs at a discount.

Luckily, Ink Plus is okay being a mistress for now, but she has only given me half of what I expected, since I haven’t taken her out 10k times as originally requested. What a tease.


Wait, there’s a 50k after first purchase offer????????


@David, yes but it was a targeted offer though.

Miles Momma

I was willing to give up “My love – Bold” but Chase said I didn’t have to and moved some credit around. Now I’ve got the Bold on one side and the Plus on the other – what a two timer!:) Great post! Thanks for the laughs!

Ray l

Don’t beg, take