[Offer Expired] Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard

The offer described in this post is no longer available.  To find current Barclaycard offers, please click here.

Barclaycard is offering a new, very good card with a very good sign-up bonus! 

A few days ago, my wife received a credit card sign-up offer from Barclaycard.  While the offer wasn’t the best I’ve ever seen, it turned out to be pretty darn good…

There are two versions of this card.  Confusingly, they are both named the Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard.  There is the free version of the card with a public 10,000 point signup bonus, and then there is the $89 annual fee card with a targeted 40,000 point signup bonus.


Besides the annual fee and the sign-up bonus, the main difference between these cards is that the $89 card earns 2 miles per dollar for all purchases, whereas the no-fee version earns 2 miles per dollar for travel and dining, but just 1 mile per dollar for everything else.

Carry-on miles

Both cards offer a feature called “carry-on miles”.  Miles can be redeemed for statement credit at any time for a value of 1 cent per mile.  However, if you redeem miles for travel you get back 10% of the miles.  In other words, if you plan to always redeem for travel, you can think of the $89 version of the card as being like a 2.2% cash back card.  Valid travel expenses include: Airlines, Travel Agencies & Tour Operators, Hotels, Motels & Resorts, Cruise Lines, Passenger Railways and Car Rental Agencies.

The value of the bonus

Redeeming points with this card for travel reminds me of the hypothetical turtle that always goes half way to its destination.  It gets closer and closer, but never arrives.  When you redeem your points for travel, you get back 10%.  You can then redeem those points for travel and get back 10%.  And so on.

With the 40,000 mile sign-up bonus, you could redeem those miles for $400 worth of travel.  Then, you would get back 4000 miles.  You could then redeem those miles for $40 worth of travel.  Then you would get back 400 miles….

OK, its not worth going further than that.  The signup bonus is worth about $440.  That’s not the best sign-up offer available (see “Best credit card offers“), but it is pretty darn good!

I think it’s time for my wife to do a little credit card churn…  If you’re interested in this offer, watch your mailbox!

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There is a publicly available 20k miles offer with an $89 fee



Any minimum spend for the 40K points?


I’m actually glad you wrote about this offer as I received this in the mail last week. Funny thing is I’ve never received or own any Barclays cards. I’ve been holding off on signing up any credit cards in preparation of my first cycle churn in January. I was planning on applying for the US Airways card during that time. What are the chances of getting both? Which one would you recommend one from the other?


Good post , a new piece of information for me.


40,000 “points” – points in what exactly? What program?

Oh. Barclay’s has their own program, not affiliated with any airline. These “points” are to be traded as currency when purchasing tickets – at whatever the going rate is. These are not points to be used for award tickets.

This is probably the single most deceptive string of marketing BS that has ever been uttered: “No blackout dates” followed by “Any airline to any destination, with no seat restrictions and no blackout dates”. Whenever I see such nonsense, I conclude this is an offer made by a sleazy company, targeted at suckers.

Does not look even slightly interesting to me. No thanks.


@Krazny: the new Arrival cards from Barclays are similar to the CapitalOne Venture cards. You don’t have to redeem through Barclays– you simply charge travel purchases and then redeem points (1 point = $0.01, and on top of that you get 10% of your points back) for a statement credit.


I have made good use of Cap One points and TY points from Citi. I will look out for this offer and follow your reports. My experience is that Barclays will allow more than one card.


What are the redemptions like? I.e., if I have a $300 flight, will it actually cost 30,000 points? Or is it like FlexPerks where there are tiers of redemptions?


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interesting! 1 inquiry on multiple card sign-ups… I guess I’ll give it a whirl myself! Thanks for the link FM!


Original content, imagine that! 🙂

Good to see another competitor in the proprietay bank currency! They do one leg up on the Capital Venture card with the 10% rebate BUT without waiving the annual fee.

Some things to consider:

1) Doubt that the service in redeeming will be so painless as Capital One (ONLY talking about redemption here!)

2) It is Barclasys & they may approve you for the lesser version of the card. One of the most annoying things EVER in this hobby.

3) Good for flexibility…Would prefer to see 50k signing bonus to make me Move on this:-)


no forex fee is decent- how about that for club carlson card!!


from the terms: free TripitPro subscription too- which Amex Plat used to provide, but no longer does. Not much, but a nice little perk


agree that they will not be as flexible as Cap One- whose customer service also sucks IMO, but at least they do credit for really anything as ‘travel’–but here you get the 10%, so a wash. remains to be seen if they will impose ‘levels’ or allow for partial redemptions? so if i have an $800 ticket, but only 40K points for $400 travel credit, can I use the $400 as a partial, or do I have to have the whole $800?


Alternatively, at least through affiliate links, you can still get a no annual fee 2% Priceline Visa. Do a web search for “priceline rewards visa 2%”. Here is an article with such a link (I have no affiliation and didn’t immediately find a link on frequentmiler): http://www.mymoneyblog.com/priceline-rewards-visa-card-review-2-flat-cash-back-on-all-purchases.html .

That said, I understand that Barclays is pretty liberal about issuing multiple credit cards to customers, so the choice between these cards is not mutually exclusive.


Since most of us in the game rarely pay for travel, seems this sort of card is of limited use.

FWIW, just got a targeted offer on another Barclays card – the NFL card. Spend $500 a month in Jan, Feb and Mar and get 20,000 points. You can use those points as cash to pay your CC bill, so in effect they are giving you $200 rebate on $1500 spend (which can be buying gcs for example). I recently signed up to get the 40000 points (= $400 value) for a paltry $1K spend. Now another $200 for some more paltry spend. I like Barclays…


Call it what you want – these are not miles. This is just another marketing ploy ala Capital One Venture Card. Like someone had already mentioned, this offer is for suckers. $440 for a hard pull? C’mon. That’s outrageous. You should settle for no less than $1000 in value from these crooked banks.


400 rebate on 1000 spend NOT bad. that is 40 % rebate


FM, how can you apply for multiple Barclay cards simultaneously and only experience one hard pull? What’s the procedure? That’s definitely something I’d be interested in.

chris p

My wife just got an offer in the mail today for this card with 89 fee waived first year and 50k for 1k spend. Looks like she will be getting a new card this evening.


Can you get giftcards with these points? At what ratio? Are these the World Mastercard points that BofA cards give?


Although my wife received the targeted Barclays Arrive 50k no fee offer in the mail, I only received the 20k no fee offer. The two offers include two different URLs and of course two different invitation codes. I would love to get the card for my wife and then apply using her URL or invitation code. Has anyone tried this? I see two options:

1) I could use the URL on my wife’s offer but enter in my own invitation code. As a test, I tried this (without finalizing the application), and I do get the banners for the 50k offer. However, I am not sure if entering my invitation code will trigger the 20k offer in the system.

2) I could use the URL on my wife’s offer and her invitation code, but then change the application information to be for me. I haven’t tested this yet (I am at work without the mailing in front of me) but I do believe that you can edit the pre-filled fields.

If no one has tried this yet, which option do you think gives me the best shot at the 50k? Thanks very much.


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I opened this card In January and have blogged about my experiences with this card, good and bad, here: http://fishing4deals.com/2013/03/08/barclaycard-arrival-targeted-credit-card-offer-450-in-free-travel-or-not/


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