Gift Card Deals up to 40% off!

Deals on gift cards seem to come in packs.  I remember last year we had droves of great deals leading up to father’s day.  My guess is that the deals shown below are just the beginning of what we’ll soon see…


“Get $20 in FREE GROCERIES* when you purchase $100 or more in select gift cards between 5/26 – 6/16/13.”


*Coupon for $20 in free groceries issues at checkout and may be redeemed on your next shopping order. Coupon expires (1) one week after issuance. While supplies last. No rain checks. Selection varies by store. Coupon not valid for previous purchases and cannot be used to purchase gift cards. See coupon for restrictions. Limit one coupon per qualifying and redeeming transaction. Gift card brands are subject to availability and selection varies by store. Terms and conditions apply to gift cards. Subject to availability. See your gift cards for details, terms, conditions, and (if applicable) fees. All trademarks are property of their respected owners. Product offer may not be available in all states.

Details can be found here.

Hat Tip to Vinh.

UPDATE: This deal is also available at Jewel


From May 29th to June 15th, Save-A-Lot is offering $10 off Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kohl’s, and Home Depot $25 Gift Cards.  That’s a phenomenal 40% discount!  The trick is that you can only get the discount once per transaction so you may have to spend a lot of time going through checkout lanes if you hope to scale this up much. 

Here are the terms & conditions:

Subject to availability. See gift cards for details, terms, conditions and (if applicable) fees. All trademarks are property of the respective owners. While supplies last. No rain checks. Limit one reward per transaction. Product offer may not be available in all states. May not combine cards to meet threshold of $25.

To see if your local Save-A-Lot is running this deal, find your store here:


Then, click “preview” to see the store’s ad.  Go to page 4.  If page 4 looks like this, then you’re good to go: 


Hat tip to this SlickDeals thread.


Kroger is offering double fuel points on weekends, but you do need to register first by loading the coupon to your Kroger card at this site:


Multiple readers have reported that despite T&C to the contrary, they have received double fuel points when buying $500 Visa gift cards.

Another twist: One reader reported that a Catalina coupon (the type of coupon that prints out after you buy things) offered her 4X fuel points for buying gift cards between May 29 and June 25.  Keep an eye out for that one!

Caution: Some readers have reported that they do not get fuel points when buying Visa gift cards at Kroger (but they used to).  It seems that certain Kroger stores have fixed their systems, but others have not.

See also: What is a fuel point worth?

Other Deals?

I have no doubt there are many other good deals out there. Please report what you know in the comments below (hey, that rhymes!)

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Dave G

Damn. Nothing in the Washington DC area! Gift cards = currency for the organized. Good luck!


They are running this promotion at Jewel too.


Looks like I can easily get $1/gal off on gas every time thanks to kroger


They probably come in packs because most of them are from the same supplier (Incomm


DFW Area: still getting 1 fuel points per $1 on variable visa/mc purchase. 4x fuel points on all other gift cards from May 29 to June 25 available to everyone, no coupon needed.

Peter Silberman

I received an email from Tom Thumb (Safeway) for 5x fuel points through 9/10. Possibly targeted. I usually don’t get points on variable card purchases.


FM, why keep publishing this loophole wrt Kroger fuel points over and over other than attempting to kill it more quickly and make it easier for Kroger corp. to find and fix permanently chainwide? Its obviously a loophole according to the printed T&Cs as well as signs posted in stores sent to them by corp. (which some stores choose to put up and some do not). Very surprising that you continue to post this over and over despite some stores already closing the loophole, only reason for doing so is to attempt to kill it IMHO…

Now, when it is an actual published offer such as Albertson’s, etc. that is completely different obviously….


@FM the albertson’s promo is also at jewel, they are both Supervalu stores. Buy $100 select gc’s get $20 groceries.


I tend to agree with Chris. Trumpeting the fact that it hasn’t been fixed will hasten their movement to fix the situation. But, traffic drives dollars…


I suspect that the Albertsons gift card deal is only available at the stores that were just sold by SuperValu, not the stores in states that were purchased by Cerberus in 2006 (Albertsons Market). Although the stores are all together now, the systems are definitely not integrated. Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, Nevada, California, and the handful of stores left in Utah are the former SuperValu stores. If you’re in Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Florida or Texas, double check to see if your store is participating.


Agree with Chris. I like your blog and you seem like a strait shooter, but as a daily reader, I’d be happy if you didn’t repeat that deal so frequently. It isn’t new news and doesn’t really add to today’s post.


I went by Savalot this morning. They had zero Home Depot GCs. The clerk said they had 200 yesterday. They said they would receive more in 7 days…but I’m leaving for Tokyo Saturday, so no Home Depot for me. However, I bought Kohls. They allowed me to buy 3 in one transaction.


Has anyone heard of the AMTRAK discount code that when added to a Marriott GC application gives you an extra 10%. They had 2 such promotions last year but I’ve been unable to find one since. Thanks.


I went to 2 Save-a-lot stores today and gift rack for Kohls/HomeDepot is empty. Cashier told me that yesterday they sold everything.


Darn it – no save-a-lots in MN…


I found a few Home Depot / Kohls cards in the Tampa Bay area. 1st store I went to ran my cards as one purchase, second store needed to run each independently and would not allow the same amount to be charged and so I got to buy some bags at .03 and .05 cents respectively. I protested for a moment before I figured the guy could tell me “you have your one card now get out.” Cooler heads prevail! FYI Save-a-lot does not accept amex.


I don`t agree with Chris, the CS manger at my Kroger says all the bonus points are controlled by regional offices and are offered several times a year. They did recently change to not allow variable value Visas and MC not to count for the bonus points. FM does not impact regional decisions for Kroger. The CC and gift cards make money, Kroger makes money. We get the same bonus points everyone else gets. We do have an advantage some do not , since we know it helps us on miles and points. that option is open to anyone. The reminders from FM include Newbies who may not be aware of this. Keep it up FM, some folks do not others to know about this.

Get a $5 Bonus for each $25 gift card purchased through Plink! It’s easy, just click on the Gift Cards tab in your Wallet, select the gift card of your choice, and buy it online. Choose from places like CVS, Lands End, JCPenney, Red Robin, and more! Offer ends Sunday, June 2nd 11:59pm EST. Bonus will be awarded within 7 – 10 business days.


Tried a couple of Save-a-lot stores in the DC area today, and they were out of HD and Kohls GCs.


Sorry for not being more specific. The Get $20 in FREE GROCERIES for purchasing gift cards is the same promotion that Jewel is running. Same gift cards and all.


The deal offered by Albertson’s and Jewel is also avialble at ACME stores in NJ/PA.


Yes it’s so sad, we’ve seen it before;
Fleming’s GC’s at Costco were quite the score;
Now they’ve lowered the “buy” price, resellers are stocked;
Gotta move me some gift cards before I get flocked!

(*bows to the audience*)


On the $20 in free grocery promo, does the $100 in GC purchase have to be only those in the pictures? iTune, Kohls, Sears…


The Kroger hyperlink for the 2x fuel points says the coupon can no longer be located whenever I try to load it. Good luck to those who were able to partake.


Stopped by my local Smith’s (Reno, NV) (part of the Kroger brand) today to get in one last gift card purchase before double fuel points promo is over . . . no fuel points were awarded for my gift card purchase, just for the other items in my order. Darn!