Plinking Flowers

Plink has recently added FTD to its list of merchants.  If you add FTD to your Plink Wallet and spend exactly $60 at FTD, you’ll earn the equivalent of 12.5% back in the form of Plink points.


The nice thing about this is that it should stack nicely with online shopping portal promotions, such as the one currently available at AAdvantage eShopping.  They are currently offering 30 miles per dollar at

Note that shopping portal miles are earned only on the base price paid, not on the total with delivery charges.  The Plink points, though, should be based on the total order after delivery charges.  For example, I found flowers that listed for $44.99.  At 30 miles per dollar through the AAdvantage eShopping portal, I would earn 1350 miles from this purchase.  With delivery charges, though, the total would came to $61.98.  Since that’s just over $60, the purchase would qualify for 750 Plink points (worth $7.50 towards gift cards).

A similar double dip should be possible with 1-800-Flowers.  There, Plink offers slightly less: 600 points for a $60 purchase.  The best current shopping portal deal for 1-800-Flowers is ShopDiscover which is offering 15% cash back.

No, these aren’t amazing deals, but if you’re going to be gouged by exorbitant online flower prices anyway, it’s nice to get a little bit back.

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Not sure if it’s a technical glitch or full on change but I no longer have Walmart or Amazon as options to redeem Plink points for in my or my SO accounts.

Bummer if this changes.


Nevermind-it’s back now.


You can even combine with master card small business discount for additional 5% off.