Think before you re-Plink

A quick public service announcement… 

If you’ve recently been Plinking Freedom and are thinking of Plinking Ink, please stop and think.  If you switch cards on your Plink account before your first card’s Plink Points post, then you will not get the Plink Points.  Wait for points to post before you re-Plink.

Please disregard this announcement if you did not understand it.  I promise, you’re not alone.  Thank you.

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You don’t really have to ‘switch’ cards. You can have more than one plink account. Just use different email addresses.

Mona C

Oh snap! Can I switch back to freedom and get the points?


@Glenn, There may be instances when it’s beneficial to switch cards. One of my account got offered the targeted double plink to Staples but the rest did not. While I’d love to switch cc on this account, I recently participated in the awesome 16x-sears deal using this a cc that is tied to this account. The offer expires Sunday, and I’ll likely miss out on the double Staples points. 🙁


@Glenn: But if both the cards you want to link are in the same bank login, another account doesn’t work. I just had Chase combine my business and personal login. Guess I shouldn’t have done that.


When is the Mastercard deal? Does it start or end on Sunday?


The Mastercard deal should start this Sunday IIRC.


Did everyone receive the double staples plink promotion? I haven’t received one. Any ideas on how to get targeted for one? Make a staples purchase?, etc.


I’m in the same boat as Mona C. Switched my card back hoping to get Plink points. If not, lesson learned.


what Plink needs to do is allow more than 1 card. it could only be good for them. more cards=more use. simple. why don’t they do this??


Do we get an email from plink immediately after a store transaction?

I have a problem 😀
I had an amx card#31111 (dummy ending number of course). That was closed a few months ago…

And then I got another AMX Card#41111 (last 4 digits same as the previous closed a/c)…

So when I tried to link my new #41111 with my plink account…plink website after taking my amex credentials showed 2 cards with #1111 (now I am confused as to which one is my closed a/c and which is my new a/c)…

So, if I get an email immediately…it will help me!

Mona C

I got my Plink points!! All of them!! Yes!!!


I have 19 transactions dating back as far as 7/26/13 that I have still not had any points post for. Yes, I have contacted them and no it is still not resolved although I did get points for three transactions from mid July recently. Am I alone in this shoddy service, or is this the norm.? I have had 35-40 transactions total since early July.


Maybe this is old news, but you can have more than one plink account, which I actually found out by mistake. It just goes by email. I have one set up through my regular email and then another through my school email address. Same name and info! This way I can use two different cards. I understand there are cons to this, but yeah, it’s information!

Peter S

@Trudy One thing to be aware of is that you have to add the offer to the wallet in Plink first. The credit is not automatic if you don’t add the offer to the wallet.



Recently added Staples to my wallet. Linked to my Ink bold card. Bought $200 Visa GCs and charged them one at a time. Got 300 Plink points for each purchase. Reduces the cost of the GC to 3.95 since can use Plink points to buy $3 worth of Amazon GCs per Visa GC. Sweet way to reduce cost of points to 3.95/1000, cheaper than VR card!