OfficeMax 8X via MileagePlus Shopping portal

Valid through: 10/25/13

OfficeMax is currently offering 8 bonus miles per dollar through the United MileagePlus Shopping portal.  Earn even more points by paying with a card that offers office supply bonuses (e.g. Chase Ink cards, Amex SimplyCash).  And, with an American Express business card with OPEN Savings, you’ll get 5% back for purchases up to $250 and 10% back for larger purchases.  Best bet: Amex Simply Cash will give you a combined 15% back for large purchases in addition to the 8 miles per dollar!

Gift cards: Many Frequent Miler Lab experiments have shown that buying OfficeMax gift cards via portals does not result in points.  At least one experiment has shown the same result with merchant gift cards, but The Deal Mommy says that she has had success with that.  Read the comments below to see what reader’s experiences have been. Generally (but not always!), if something works in one portal with one merchant it will work in other portals with the same merchant.

Using OfficeMax gift cards through a portal does result in points earned.

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9 Comments on "OfficeMax 8X via MileagePlus Shopping portal"

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I have tried to get portal points for merchant gift cards at office max at least a dozen times. I have never received portal points for these purchases. I have never tried this with the Untied Portal specifically though.

Frequent Miler

Thanks for that data point. In general, if it didn’t work in other portals it probably won’t work in this one either.

Dia, The Deal Mommy

Wondering if the key is to have the order mixed. I’ve never done JUST a gift card order…I always do the gift card as an “add on” to get to $250 as opposed to the main item in the order.


I’ve also been told by AA Eshopping support after opening a ticket that OfficeMax does not award points on giftcard purchases (in my case was some Home Depot cards). Probably have to stick with merchandise with this one.

Frequent Miler

Thanks for that data point, but shopping portal support does not know when this works and when it doesn’t. I think they’re trained to say that gift cards don’t work for pretty much everything. In this case, though, they might just happen to be right.


Anyone else have a data point for buying an OM GC through a portal along with another item?

Tyson Scheidecker

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FM, I’m not sure what multiple of shopping portal bonus makes the QuickDeal threshold but AAdvantage is offering 6x on OfficeMax which can be interesting with 5 points from Ink/Bold or 10% off from Amex Open while it lasts

Frequent Miler

Thanks. I was too slow 🙂