Post time of day, silver for 40K, mortgage pay, and Hyatt stays

Notice the rhyming post title? Should I quit my blog and become a poet?  No?  OK, then read on for my miscellaneous ramblings…

Post time of day

Normally, I post early each morning (around 5:45 am EST).  This week I changed things up a bit.  My intent was to post each evening at 7PM, but then Delta threw a wrench in my plans and led me to post mid-day instead, as of Wednesday.  My goal was to see if evening posts generate more social media conversations than morning posts.  In the two days where I actually posted at 7PM, I didn’t see any difference.  What about viewership?  Google Analytics shows that my readership was up a bit this week, but I think that has more to do with a few controversial topics than time of day reporting.  Anyway, thanks to many who voiced their preferences.  The vast majority of my regular readers, who cared enough to say something, prefer morning posts.  So, starting Monday I intend to go back to my old schedule.  As always, current events or personal distractions may lead to occasional schedule change-ups.

United Silver status for 40K Marriott points

In my post “Keeping status” I described how I exchanged 40,000 Marriott points for another year of Marriott Platinum status.  I did so partially just to see what would happen, but also because I wanted to keep United Silver status.  Last year, Marriott and United teamed up with a program called RewardsPlus.  With RewardsPlus, United elites with Premier Gold status (or higher) get free Marriott Gold status, and Marriott Platinum elites get free United Silver status.  You do need to enroll to get these benefits.  The websites are once again live:

I signed up a few days ago, and now my United account again shows my Silver status:


(Yes, I need to work on my Photoshop skills)

Mortgage payments

In the post “Pay bills online with debit and prepaid cards” I mentioned that I’ve used debit cards and prepaid cards to pay my mortgage online with Evolve Money.  That was all well and good except for the fact that all of my payments went to principal instead of to my monthly payments.  I tried calling to see if I could get the partial payments applied to my monthly payments, but was told no.  I probably could have pushed harder, but I really wanted a solution I could control myself.  So, I next tried paying my exact monthly payment amount all in one day (via several individual payments), and that worked.  The payments were applied to my monthly payment rather than to principal.  See the comments of my earlier post on this subject for more details or to ask questions.

Halfway to Diamond

I’ve been really enjoying my Hyatt Diamond status!  My stays at the Hyatt Chicago Magnificent Mile and the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa were very nice.  I love the fact that I was able to use suite upgrade certificates ahead of time to ensure that we stayed in suites!  One very small hiccup: even though I received points for my Chicago stay, I wasn’t credited for the nights.  That was a problem since I need to complete 12 nights to keep Diamond status through February 2015.  Luckily, all it took was a few minutes on the phone with a nice Hyatt rep to get that cleared up. My account now correctly shows that I’ve completed 7 qualifying nights so far.  I’ll complete 3 more this weekend at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress (also in a suite) and then I’ll only have 2 more nights to go.  For more on the Hyatt Diamond Trial, see:

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The Other Carl

Happy to see the early morning addicts won out. For me, your posts get lost when they come at random times in the day. There’s nothing like a cup of coffee and FM to start the day!


@theothercarl. . .I totally agree.


Do you have mortgage with WellsFargo?


Regarding your WF Mortgage Payment with Evolve, thanks that’s very useful information. I’ll be trying that (early just in case) this month and see how it works out. I have $1,500 more in Freedom/7-11 to do this month (did the wife’s card already) so I might be able to unload these without hitting WM at all… very useful. Plus of course leaves another $2K in BB.

Regarding your Platinum Marriott, since I only got Gold Marriott last year because of being United Platinum, it looks like this won’t do me any good. I might be able to buy back to Marriott Gold but that doesn’t in turn get me anything on United, which is what I’d be interested in as well. Otherwise it would be reasonably easy to come up with 50K Marriott points I have no use for by April 1st…


Joanna – yes, he does.


Evolve is great. Gives us a way to start paying down the mortgage faster with giftcards as debit and reloadits. Saving interest in the long run and also getting 5% cash back and fuel points (on the gift cards).


I’m no photoshop cop, but I can see you put your alias on top. A toast, to your post.


I like starting my day with a FM post, too! And thanks for sharing the Evolve/mortgage info – very useful.


If you have to call Hyatt to get points posted then you’re eligible for a Retro Bonus of 50%. Also if the lounge was closed then you get 2500 points as well.


Glad you’re going back to (mostly) morning posts!
Now, do you think you’ll keep Hyatt Diamond? I just did a challenge last year and thought they’re was no way I’d keep the status. But now that there are P&C rates, there’s a glimmer of a possibility. But just a glimmer, 25 stays is still a lot.


Don’t quit your day job (as a professional blogger). 😉


I noticed a difference recently in your emails on your posts…….in the past I used to get one in the am and then the same one in the pm so I always knew when you had posted…….lately I only get one in the pm although if I go on early in the day and go through Boarding Area I find your post that would already have 10-20 comments………I would think that if you push your blog out via email rather than have a reader pull it off BA then your readership/participation will be much higher…….Also see you are stock piling UA miles?


@ Jonathan -Very clever. Thanks for the smile!