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Oops!  I’m sorry if you found your way to this post.  I intended to back up my “best credit card offers” page, but accidentally sent it out as a post instead!

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Does the fidelity amex card report income to govt if rebates beyond$400 or any other amount are earned? Great list, thanks.


Credit card rebates shouldn’t be tax-reportable, rebates are paying you back for money spent, or effectively a discount (and the money you’re spending — when spending personal funds — have presumably already been taxed).


Actually I was delighted to get it, even if by mistake. Thanks.



Just curious to know how long do you typically wait to cancel a card? Most of the credit cards I’ve applied for and received the miles on are coming to year two in which I will be charged an annual fee and of course with over 15 credit cards, getting charger annual fees would cost a pretty penny. So just wondering if I should go ahead and close the cards that charge an annual fee right now or wait until a few months before I am charged the annual fee. Citi waived the fees for one of my cards but chase unfortunately did not waive the fee. Also how will it impact my credit score because as of right now, I nearly have perfect credit.




For HAM: I know with Chase, even if you do wait and they charge you for annual fee, you can call them and get it reversed for (I think) up to 30 days after.

With their first iteration of the Marriott card, I first got the free year, with free night, 70000 points, and even a cash bonus and 5000 more for adding an authorized user. Then they sent me my anniversary night, which appeared in my Marriott Points account. However, soon after they charged the $85, and then I closed the account, with a promise from them that they’d refund the $85, which they did. I expected the certificate to disappear too, but it stayed and I used it before it expired.

Can’t say if you’ll have that string of timing, but it worked for me. It did help make me a fan, too, and I plan to keep the Marriott card (their new metal one) this time around. I got another first free year (no $75 bonus and no free night initially though). And the second time around, I got another 70000 points free.

Have to say I am a fan of Chase’s cards. I hope this helps, and good luck! Points/miles is a fun game.


I tried to load BB using giftcard at WM today with the cashier. And the computer (not the cashier) said only cash allowed for loading, not the debit card. Is anybody having the same problem?


I cancelled my IHG Visa card a couple of weeks ago because the new Mastercard will be coming out. Would I receive the bonus points and free hotel night annually if I apply for the IHG Mastercard?


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