How to find Amex upgrade offers

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Last year, I published an easy trick for finding credit card upgrade offers from American Express.  The main advantage of upgrading over applying new is that there is no new credit pull.  The disadvantage is that the upgrade offers tend to be smaller than the best new signup offers.  Plus, you do need to wait 13 months after getting a new card before you can qualify for an upgrade.

The easy trick I published last year in the post “Targeted Amex upgrades” no longer works.  At least, for me, when I search for “upgrade”, I no longer see a result asking if I want to upgrade my card.  So, I hunted for another way to get to the same page.  I found a solution that seems to work for personal cards, but not for business cards.  If you know of a more direct way to do this (or a way to see business card upgrade offers besides calling to ask), please comment below.

Step 1: Click “Choose a Card With Our Help”

Log into your American Express account, click on the “CARDS” menu, then click “Choose a Card With Our Help”:

Screenshot 2014-03-27 11.08.08

Step 2: View All Cards

On the next screen, find and click the tab (on the right) that says “View All Cards”.  Important: do not click the CARDS menu item of the same name because it will have a different result.

Screenshot 2014-03-27 11.12.12

Step 3: View upgrade offers

After a moment, you should see a screen like this, with upgrade offers on the left (your offers will be different than mine):

Screenshot 2014-03-27 10.41.36

Business Offers

To find offers for new business cards (but not upgrade offers), click on the top Cards menu and then on “View All Small Business Cards”.  Then, on the top right of the screen, click Explore… Find Special Offers:

Screenshot 2014-03-27 11.01.55

In my case, I haven’t found offers this way that are any better than those on my Best credit card offers page, but some have reported finding really great offers.  Good luck!

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Perfect timing. I was just on AMEX yesterday looking for an upgrade option and it wasn’t showing up. Now it is. Thanks for the step-by-step!


The problem is as you mentioned, upgrade offers are not as lucrative as applying for new cards, so it is kind of a dilemma for me


So here’s my dilemna. I have the the Delta Gold personal cc. My upgrade offer is just 5000 miles. I was going to cancel my gold card after my April trip as I don’t want to pay the $99 fee. If I upgrade now, it would be $150 for the Platinum. However, if I cancel the card, I could apply for the platinum and earn more miles. So, is it worth the credit pull?


Great post! Thanks! Looks like I have both the 100k for Bus Plat and 75k for Bus Gold available :). I already have the personal Plat card so, with that in mind and the fact that the AF on the gold card is waived for the 1st year, I’m guessing Gold is the way to go?


Very timely post!

I am looking to upgrade my personal PRG card to plat. The offer I am seeing is for 25k MR points, do you have any idea if this is a standard upgrade offer? I know the plat benefits aren’t as good as before, but I still see value in the card for me. I just want to make sure I upgrade with a good offer.


So for me I see the offer to upgrade my Hilton to Hilton Surpass, but when logging in for it, it then says I’m not eligible…


It would be worth it to me to see which cards you can downgrade to a no-fee card also.

After more than one year of AoRs all of my annual fees are hitting now.


In my case does it mean I am not being offered any bonus offer for the upgrade:

Upgrade without changing your account number.
The annual fee for the Platinum Card is $450. For up to three Additional Platinum Cards, the total annual fee is $175. Each Additional Platinum Card after the first three Cards is $175.†
No interest charges because you pay your balance in full each month.‡


Not surprisingly, no offers are shown when I try this. Over the past few months I’ve gotten lucrative Business charge card offers emailed to me but that’s it. I don’t put a lot of spend on my AmEx (only Costco and groceries – I don’t MS). I don’t think they’ll be offering an upgrade from my BCE anytime soon.


Can I upgrade my costco card to other kind? I am really curious.


[…] Miler wrote “How to find Amex Upgrade offers“. I was not aware of these offers. I may click around next time I am in my Amex account […]


Is it just me or does this method no longer work?


This worked for me when you first published it but now I see no upgrades when I “view all cards”. Just all the cards including ones I have.

Scott S

Same issue as Alisa today. Can this post be updated? I need an upgrade offer – I have Delta Gold, Hilton NAF and Blue that I could upgrade with, but can’t find an upgrade offer anywhere.

Charles Woodson

Thanks, the new method worked for me. I received an upgrade offer on my Delta AMEX.


There is no more “Find Special Offers” on the business cards side of things. Any workarounds?

Rapid Travel Chai

Looks like now you need to click “Apply Now” on a card you already have, and then an upgrade offer may appear on the next screen. They keep messing with the website.


It seems that they no longer have the apply now button for cards you currently have, any other tips on finding upgrade offers? I’m looking to upgrade my hilton card to the surplus but I’d like to get points when I do.


I think I figured it out…I clicked the Apply Now button for the Hilton Surplus card and it took me to an upgrade offer


Does this still work? I clicked on the Apply Now button for a credit card I already have and it takes me to the application form for the credit card I already have NOT the upgrade option.


[…] Before cancelling cards after a year, it may also be worth checking to see if you can get a good offer for upgrading the card. See this post for details: Targeted Amex upgrades. […]