100K AA no more, Singapore’s portal error, Amex gift cards, and the new Chime card

Bye bye 100K offer

For the past several months, the Citi Executive AAdvantage World Elite MasterCard has offered 100,000 miles plus a $200 statement credit after $10K spend in 3 months.  This morning the offer was no longer available.  The best I could find instead was an offer for 50,000 miles after $5K spend.  Given this card’s $450 annual fee, I no longer recommend this offer unless you have need of the card’s perks that go beyond the cheaper AA card perks such as Admiral’s Club membership and the ability to earn 10K Elite Qualifying Miles with $40K spend.

UPDATE: As a few readers pointed out, there are still “zombie links” available to the 100K offer.  These are links that take you directly to the application page without showing the offer.  So, it’s a leap of faith to apply this way, but it is likely to work out.  Here is one such link.  I personally used the link today (6/25/2014) and verified the signup offer with the agent I talked with after applying (100K miles + $200 statement credit after $10K spend; $450 annual fee not waived)

Will Singapore Airline’s portal honor their portal mistake?

Yesterday, via a Quick Deal, I published a few portal deals discovered by the blog Mighty Travels.  One was an offer for 17,077 Singapore KrisFlyer miles for signing up for LifeLock (< $10 per month).  Another was an offer for 23,077 miles for purchasing a premium domain name from Network Solutions.

Both offers were mistakes.  The LifeLock deal can no longer be found and the Network Solutions deal now shows 2308 miles.  I took a shot at both offers and I’m sure many readers did too.  Now we can only wait and hope it is honored automatically (unlikely) or after submitting support tickets (more likely).  In either case, I intend to wait a few weeks before submitting a support ticket to see if the portal ever registers my transactions.  In case you need them, screenshots of both offers are in my Quick Deals post.

Will Amex Gift Cards stop paying out through portals when promo codes are used?

I published the following Quick Deal yesterday:  Promo codes to void cash back for Amex gift cards?

This was triggered by an email sent by BigCrumbs to many members.  The email stated, in part:

American Express informed us that promotional codes and coupons will no longer be accepted and will void any cash back if used.

The big question here is whether this is true for all portals or just BigCrumbs.  BeFrugal, which currently offers 3% cash back for Amex gift cards is still showing the lucrative FSGRAD promo code on their site so it should still be safe to use there.  For info about why the code is so lucrative, please see: The ultimate free shipping code.

Is the Chime card worth a try?

Doctor of Credit reports on a new prepaid reloadable card that might be worth trying: An Introduction To Chime Card: New Reloadable Cash Back Debit Card. I’m not sure yet whether this card offers a bill pay feature or any other easy way to get money off of the card.  I plan to sign up to check it out anyway.

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My wife just got the AA Exec card last night under the wire. Sad to see this deal go. Basically a net $250 for 100k AA miles with $10k spend in 3 months.


Zombie links…


For whatever reason, I have never been able to get an order to succeed for AmEx cards. I know it’s a fickle monster to deal with, but is there a trick for having my orders approved?


I’m actually not so bummed. If the next best offer is the standard 50K points with waived first year annual fee, that’s the equivalent to saying that the 2nd set of 50K points on the expired offer cost $250 ($450-$200 statement credit). So while the Executive got you lounge access, if you weren’t planning to buy lounge access, the 100K offer was hardly a points steal. Personally I’d rather pick up 2 x 50K cards with 1st year fee waived on each than a single 100K card for $250 net, unless I would normally buy lounge access.


just got approved for the 2nd citi elite master card. 100k AA miles and $200 credit was confirmed by the csr.


@Gerry – the standard cards can no longer be churned easily. It would take you 18-24 months to get your second 50k miles.


nonsense, there are 4 flavors of regular citi AA cards. you do 2 then 9-12 months later do the other 2….cancel first 2 and repeat…..there is nothing good about a card with $450 annual fee. I don’t care what perks come with it as long as there are no fee alternatives to get.


The 100k offer is still available. Citi only took down the pretty landing page. The actual application links are still live in the FT thread (zombie links). Confirmations began coming in this morning that the 100k continues to be accepted. This is BAU for most Citi offers that the application remains live long after they remove the landing page.


I just used FSGRAD last night for an Amex GC and my bigrumbs cashback already posted this morning.


could you lend me the image of the lifelock special, I got in the sign-up but forgot to capture the image. thanks

if you can send to my email.



Choi, could you please forward that to me as well at ray10aj@gmail.com ? The screen shot I took doesn’t capture all the information that I think I will need if prompted to provide proof. Thank you.


I applied for the Chime card. Personal information requested included DOB, mobile #, address and SSN.

I entered one bit of information incorrectly, the application failed and I now seem to be (for an unknown amount of time) banned from re-applying.


I was also able to apply for the Executive card by phone this morning


Chime: oh nooo, processor is Bancorp, so just like vanilla. No go at WM. Waste. When will merchants wake up & see that gazillions of bancorp cards ate no longer selling & dump them for stuff people will buy.



I bought a 1K from BCY Rewards Boost and used the code so the total was 1003.95…i got an email from them saying I spent $991.05 and my rewards would be 3964 pts…they didn’t give me credit for the extra $8.95. I still haven’t seen the amount reflected on my account yet and might not show for another 8 wks.


[…] 100K AA no more, Singapore’s portal error, Amex gift cards, and the new Chime card […]


Just saw this on Twitter from Amex
Need a Wedding Gift? No Purchase Fee on Gift Cards for the Newlyweds w/code FPWED. Terms apply. Offer ends 9/30/14


[…] and it appears it hasn’t gone away after all. The previous link no longer works, but there is another link that worked for Frequentmiler. There is no mention of the 100,000 miles after $10,000 spent within […]


I received my Chime card today. It only allows $100 load a day, and a $200 bank transfer. I tried loading $100 from a One Vanilla card, and it was a no go. It did accept my papal debit card. I haven’t tried anything else. It doesn’t look like bill pay is an option. The novelty of it is the cash back it offers at certain retailers. For example, spend $50 at Target/Walmart and get $10 back. It’s similar to amex offers, but there are a limited amount of offers available. One of the offers had a limit of 250 people. So, I plan on testing it buying the store gift cards and see if I get the credit. This card could be useful, but certainly has its limitations.


FM, Any data-points yet on the portal cashback posting when applying promo codes to an Amex gc order?