Thank you! Frequent Miler voted Best Points and Miles Blog

Thank you!!!!

Frequent Miler (that’s me) was elected “Best Points and Miles Blog” in Frequent Business Traveler’s 3rd annual GlobeRunner awards!


I know, you’ve never heard of these awards before (unless you happened to read “Frequent Miler’s leaked campaign strategy” back in March).  I had never heard of it either until I got an email telling me I had been nominated.  Honestly, I wasn’t sure whether it was real or some kind of elaborate email scam involving a Nigerian Prince.  A Google search, though, showed press releases from Flyertalk and Singapore airlines announcing their previous wins so I figured it might be legit.  Then, I kicked into campaign mode and did what anyone would do who wants to win an election: I went negative.

Of course, I wasn’t the only GlobeRunner Award winner.  Lucky, from One Mile at a Time, won Best General Travel Blog.  Pictures of the two Best Bloggers accepting our awards can be found here.  And, a full list of winners can be found here.  It’s awesome and humbling to be found on the same page as other obviously deserving winners such as LOT Polish Airlines which won Best Airline in Europe/Middle East/Africa, and United Airlines which tied with Delta for Best Airline in the Americas.  Yes, really.

Paparazzi were ready to capture the event, in full.  Here are the Best Blog winners on our chauffeured ride from the airport:

2014-07-22 19.26.55

And, here’s a photo of the trophy given to each winner:

2014-07-31 15.15.33

As you can see below, the trophy is not exactly huge:


And, to put it into perspective, you can see that I’m not that big of a guy:


Still, despite the diminutive size of the award, I’m honored to accept it. Thank you, everyone who voted for me!

About Greg The Frequent Miler

Greg is the owner, founder, and primary author of the Frequent Miler. He earns millions of points and miles each year, mostly without flying, and dedicates this blog to teaching others how to do the same.

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Congrats Greg!


Congrats, Greg, and well-deserved!



I have learned much from your blog and appreciate it!
Smart articles.


Congrats, you deserve it ror all your hard work. I don’t use a lot of your strategies. Because I do t need to manufacture spend, but your blog helps me in many other ways.


Well deserved. This blog is the most valuable thing I’ve read, pretty much ever.


I would have won if Delta Points did not delete my blog from the ballot! 🙂

Anyways, these awards are just plain dumb and only for marketing purposes. I did not think it warranted a separate blog post in your blog…no adding value to readers. I don’t think Ben did a separate blog post about it…or at least not yet. I expected to see it there not here 🙂


I am not sure I can reply to the replies to the comment I left earlier. So, I have no idea where this will end up.

I get these things all the time. You get picked in a list…so you tweet it out and do some gloating and the company that held the award gets some PR which then uses to market to the travel industry vendors. Just ask the Wandering Aramean what he thinks of these awards and particularly this tiny company.

And Lucky gets the other award and I wonder all the staff at TPG failed on the job to get out the vote. We don’t even know how many voted.

Yeah I am in a grumpy mood lately, all these inferior UA credit card links are just getting to me. Did Lucky correct the offer? I haven’t seen it yet…not surprised.

I think I am going to sue Delta Points for defacing the ballot to delete my entry…That is WHY I did not win….ok, joking.

You are the only miles/points blog that I have to type two words to comment! It is annoying. But I told you that before I think

Have a great weekend everyone! You can call me names, seems everyone is these days 🙂




Only been here for a month or so, but your blog is by far the best that I have found. Congrats and thanks for all that you do!


Congrats, I look forward to your posts everyday.

Relax TBB, it’s just 1 post.


I am happy to see this type of recognition go to you–especially given the competition.

Wow, TBB, this is banner week for you and negative comments to generally good bloggers. You would think you would be happy to see a non-affiliate pushing blogger actually get recognition above some of the ones you usually scorn. I realize your readers have pushed for you to attack FM but really–sometimes taking the high road is really the right thing to do.


Congrats Greg- you da best!



I would have voted for you twice. Your blog helped me get the Southwest Airlines companion pass via two Rapid Rewards credit cards. Saved $10,000 in airfare and counting! I check in everyday now.



Agreed. Great blog. Thank you.


I did not vote for you only because I did not know about it , but I have great belated intentions. I certainly would have

Maximum research, minimum pimping is why I follow you
Also you have responded to every inquiry / question I have posed to you……..that is why I am glad to use your affilate links when possible


Greg — There’s a better link for the United card than the one you have on your site:

This includes a $50 statement credit. As of now, other bloggers seem content to ignore this better offer.


Is that Ben in the first pic? OMG.


And to think of how many times I had to try before my ballot stuffing mantra began to work…….in the words of “Landslide Lyndon”, vote early and vote often…………if only you got a commission on all the “extra” miles and points I have received because of you……..the words “shopping portal” still give my wife and I cold headaches……..


Congrats, FM.

Ben is super hot 🙂


Big congrats, FM!!! They definitely got it right, as you deserve the category more than anyone. They owe you a bigger trophy now. 😉


Congrats on reward…well deserved. Question for anyone who can answer it. Can i apply for the Citi Premier again if I have had it before but it has been cancelled for 6-8 months? Thanks in advance for your help.


I really respect you sir! You always have the best post of anyone, any bloggers and you never beg for referral bonuses,You never post crappy posts like the others. Most other bloggers are busy writing posts about card bonuses and asking us to apply so they get referral bonuses.

I always apply thru your links and I implore, request all the fans of this blog to apply for cards from this site.
Thanks for all the hard work you do


Congratz man, thanks for the solid material you provide.


Fm, I am part of the silent majority that think your blog has real “work” behind it with research and insight. The only reason I write this post is to encourage you to continue!! I don’t want to butter you up too much, but your sense of humor is totally my style….I manage credit for 6 family members and my churns are 20 cards… Guess who earned my links without ever needing to obviously pump cards? Just want to encourage you to continue your styles. Just like your NYC in 50 bucks or so was an experiment totally my style (it’s not about the money, it’s about learning the game) .. U am pretty sure you don’t let the “haters” influence you….I believe you when you say your soul is not for sale.


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