$20 off with Membership Rewards card now lets you link your Amex Membership Rewards card to your account and pay with points.  Through this approach, you’ll only get 1 cent per point value (not great), but it might be worth it one time to get $20 off your order.

First note that this seems to be targeted.  I tried two accounts and neither worked.  Anyway, here’s the deal:

1. Link your Membership Rewards card to your Amazon account here.

2. Add $20 or more in items shipped and sold by Amazon to your cart.

3. Select to pay with points, but change the amount paid with points to just 1 cent (this last part is optional).

4. During checkout, apply code SWP20AMR.

Good luck!  As I said, this didn’t work for me, but hopefully will for you.

Hat Tip: MilesQuest

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11 Comments on " $20 off with Membership Rewards card"

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Thanks. Worked Great for me.


I had to keep playing w/ it…it kept selecting other payment methods, etc…but eventually it \just showed up\ as an item to select…it kept wanting to use my GC balance. It did give errors when entering code as well…but I was prompted to add an existing Amex card, so perhaps was targeted.

Either way, it took some cajoling to get it to work


Didn’t work for me, bummer. Glad other people got it to work 🙂

Ivan Y

Thanks! Our Amex Plat MB cards were eligible to be linked (primary + authorized users) and I confirmed the code works 🙂

FYI, paying with points doesn’t work when preordering an item so I couldn’t use it on the new Kindle Voyager. It did work with an in-stock PS4 game but I didn’t complete the checkout — will try it on a Voyager next week after it’s officially out. Will be interesting to see if it can be combined with Kindle installment plan.


I’m curious what “doesn’t work” means. Were you able to get the option to pay with points and the code simply didn’t work or were not able to get the pay with points option at all? I’m having the latter problem, but I have quite a few points and the AE Platinum card. Hmm…


I can get the Pay with Points option, but the coupon code’s not working for me. I’m wondering if I’m not picking the right “shipped and sold by Amazon” items, but I tried!


You’re able to get the $20 discount without using MR points! Do the following:

– Go to checkout and input $0.01 and press apply
– Then input the promo code and press apply. You should then see the $20 discount in the summary.
– Now, go back and update the $0.01 to $0.00. In the summary, the rewards line should disappear but the $20 discount still remains!!

I was able to make the purchase, but will update if something happens.

Ivan Y

Kindle Voyage is now not a pre-order anymore (even though it’s backordered 4-5 weeks) so ordered it today. Wanted to give a heads up that it IS possible to use $20 off/paying with points and a Kindle payment plan. So with using 1 point and 8.25% Houston tax, the total for Voyager Wi-Fi+3G came out to be:

Order Summary
Items: $269.00
Shipping & handling: $0.00
Redemption Promo: -$20.00
Deferred Payment: -$215.20
Total before tax: $33.80
Estimated tax to be collected: $20.54
Total: $54.34
Rewards Points: -$0.01
Order total: $54.33

P.S. Because I had already tried using $20 discount code (when testing), it showed up automatically during checkout.