Today only: Amex gift cards 2.25% cash back via TopCashBack

Valid today only (10/22/2014) until midnight pacific time (3 am EST):

TopCashBack is offering 2.25% cash back for clicking through their site to order Amex gift cards.  Prior to today, TopCashBack has recently offered 1.5% cash back for Amex gift cards.


If you don’t already have a TopCashBack account, you can find a sign up link for TopCashBack and many other cool things here.


Please see: Everything you ever wanted to know about Amex gift cards.

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10 Comments on "Today only: Amex gift cards 2.25% cash back via TopCashBack"

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TCB site seems to be down. Haven’t been able to login for the last half hour. Anybody else having this issue?


TCB is up now.


I know that a few months ago you could get cashback for amex gc purchases, and also use promo codes. Is that still the case? Has anyone had any issues getting their cashback if they used a free shipping promo code? Thanks!

Giddy for Points

@Kirk, I wouldn’t use promo codes to remove fees as they will probably not give you cash back. Not sure about shipping codes


Not done any of this as of yet so I have a question. Buy AMEX gift cards through topcashback then go back into topcashback and buy an Apple product using the AMEX gift card to pay? You pros call that double dipping I think. Does that work?




[…] the 2% cash back from BigCrumbs on American Express gift cards wasn’t enough for you, TopCashBack is offering 2.25% through midnight Pacific time tonight (10/22) – Hat tip Frequent […]


Perhaps you know a way to contact these people at TopCashBack? They claim they cannot send the money they owe me because my bank info is invalid. Well, everyone else can send to that bank account …

Do they have a phone number? Their website just tales “comments” and ignores them.