$200 MasterCard gift cards spotted at Sears

There have been a few reports recently of people finding $200 MasterCard gift cards at Sears (none yet at my local Sears though!) in the Southeast United States.  One reader reports that he was able to use his Sears gift cards to buy several of these.  And, he snapped a photo (thanks!):


These gift cards have a $6.95 fee.  As a percentage of total value, they’re a much better deal that the more commonly seen $100 MasterCard or Visa gift cards with $5.95 fees (3.5% vs. 6% fee, respectively).  You can use the last four digits on the cards as their PIN.

Double dip:

  1. Go through a portal to buy Sears physical gift cards.  You can find the best portal options here.
  2. Pay with either a Chase Freedom or Discover It card.  Both offer 5X rewards this quarter (4th quarter, 2014) at Sears.com.
  3. Then, use the physical gift card in-store to buy other gift cards such as the one shown above.  NOTE: Not all cashiers allow this.  And, not all Sears stores carry useful gift cards like these.

You may have to hurry…

Sears is not doing well financially.  There’s no telling how long they’ll be around at all, but we do know that they are closing many stores.  You can find more info along with a list of expected closings, in this Value Traveler post.

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Mostly $200 Visas and $100 Visa and MC gc’s at the Sears stores around Houston. First time in 2 years I’ve seen $200’s at Sears.
But as you say results vary on the CSR’s who’ll allow you to pay with Sears GC – pick the younger CSR’s!! GC’s are not hard coded to reject Sears GC’s for payment – it’s just employee training that varies.


Ken, which stores did you see them at? Pasadena and Baytown had nothing.


Which SEARS location in houston? Can you share the details if you don’t mind.


Bought these over the weekend after the Office Depot deal. Had no problem purchasing on two separate occasions.


Aren’t these cards the ones that come with the pin on a little slip in the package?


This is certainly a YMMV situation as a few months ago I went to seven different Sears locations in SE MI and not a single one allowed purchases of the $100 Visa GC using a Sears GC.

Larry Ordway

Went through the portal but at checkout the Sears card says fulfilled by Kmart, so I didn’t complete sale.I wonder if that would void the cash back since the sale would be reported by Kmart????


Like you and others said, YMMV. Not hard coded, but one cashier was super friendly and allowed two sales, while another sterner cashier tried to tell him that there was a memo not to allow payment with Sears GCs for other GCs. As I was leaving, there was a general discussion among several cashiers about what had just occurred. Not sure whether to buy other Sears GCs for future use this way since the store might clamp down on this.

Mike B

We have these at my local Sears in WI but as you mention its too risky for me. Sears stores are closing at a ridiculous rate and I’m expecting a complete liquidation in 2015. Pretty sad story when you consider how much damage one man (Mr. Lampert) can do to such a once-great American brand.


Does anyone know if promotions targeted at Sears Card customers (i.e. extra points, etc) can be applied if you pay using a Sears gift card.

Also, can you pay off a Sears Card in-store using a debit card?


[…] in mind that $200 MasterCard gift cards have been spotted at Sears and that many have been successful buying these gift cards with Sears gift cards.  On the […]