Sears awesome deal! It’s like free money!

Hurry, this won’t last long! 

NOTE: Please see update here: More Sears money makers!


Sears is currently offering $52.15 in points back for an Alphaline™ 12′ HDMI In-Wall Cable that sells for $29.97.  In other words, if you plan to buy things from Sears anyway, you can grow your money (or current Sears gift card) by 74% just by ordering these cables!

Limit 4 per person

Points do not roll.  Don’t bother applying existing points to this order.  Instead, pay with a credit card, PayPal, or a Sears gift card.

Points expire in 90 days.  If you do this deal, keep in mind that you will need to spend the points before they expire

Here’s how to make the purchase:

  • Log in to your SYWR account,
  • Go to this page,
  • Add up to 4 to your shopping account. 
  • Make sure the checkout page shows the points you expect to earn.
  • Check out. 

My results

I earned even more SYWR points than expected!  See image:


Hat tip: Slick Deals

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13 Comments on "Sears awesome deal! It’s like free money!"

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Looks like the item is gone now.

But, on a related note, ShopDiscover has Sears at 10x!


Sounds great, but I don’t have a SYWR account. What can you do with those points?

Dave Q

Dead already! 🙁


Sears subscribes to this too 😉


[…] Sears awesome deal! It’s like free money! […]


I wish airlines had as many pricing mistakes as Sears! 🙂


The final page of my order shows the high points but when I receive my confirmation email and you back into my account, it is much less (about half)…anyone seeing this?



Missed out on the deal, but if your interested in selling two of those for a fair price send me an email!



Yep, they did not award the full points value that they said. Anyone have a screenshot of their order confirmation?


I’ve had that happen a lot of Sears lately where order confirmation gives you much less than when you submit the order. Usually it’s because you’ve bought the item before or even if you buy a different Alphaline product. Sears needs to fix their IT. I usually just return the product if they don’t give me full points.


I purchased 4) 12′ cables this morning and had $239 (or so) in syw points but now I log into my account it says I have only $89 worth of points. I have never bought anything of the sort before. I buy very little from Sears. I will probably return. Can you return and get store credit and still keep the points?