Awesome Amex Sync Offers! Free money, mini shopping spree, and rebates up to 50%

Amex is on a an incredible roll lately.  Through various promotions, they’re handing out cash to cardholders like its going out of style.  Here’s a roundup of some of the best current offers and how to play them…

Amex Sync Offers

Amex Sync Offers

Amex Sync Offers


American Express regularly offers deals to their card members.  Often, it is possible to signup for deals simply by logging into your Amex account and finding the deals under “Offers For You”.  Sometimes, though, it is necessary to signup by syncing your Amex card with a social media account.  Most of the latter deals are available through Twitter, but some are only found on Facebook, Foursquare, or TripAdvisor.  You can find information about all of these deal channels here:

The key to getting the most of these offers is to learn how to signup multiple Amex cards.  You can find full details about signing up multiple cards here: Maximizing Amex Sync offers. Part 1: sync multiple cardsSeriously, read that post if you haven’t already.

The following type of Amex cards are each separately eligible for Amex Offers:

  • Amex credit cards and charge cards issued by American Express
  • Amex credit cards and charge cards issued by other banks (e.g. Citibank, Fidelity, etc.)
  • Authorized user accounts of cards issued by American Express
  • Amex Serve cards
  • Amex Serve subaccount cards
  • Bluebird cards
  • Bluebird family account cards

The following cards are not eligible for Amex Offers:

  • American Express gift cards
  • American Express Prepaid card
  • American Express Campus Edition card
  • American Express for Target card
  • REDbird: Target Prepaid REDcard
  • Authorized user accounts for cards issued by banks other than Amex

Deal Roundup

AT&T Wireless: Spend $150, get $150! (free money!)

This deal is only available for Amex business cards.  Simply pay (or prepay) $150 worth of your AT&T wireless bill and you’ll get $150 back.  If you don’t have an AT&T wireless bill, but you do have the offer, find a friend with AT&T and make them a “win-win” deal (e.g. offer to pay $150 of their bill if they’ll give you $75 back).

How to signup: Only by logging in and looking under Offers For You

More details here: Amazing Amex deal! $150 free for AT&T customers!.

Small Business Saturday: Spend $10, get $10

This doesn’t sound like a lot, but you can do this three times for each Amex card, so the savings can add up fast.  This is a great way to do a mini shopping spree, paid for by Amex!

How to signup: Click here.

Be sure to read: How to maximize Amex Small Business Saturday.

Office Depot / OfficeMax: Spend $50, get $10

Both of these stores sell merchant gift cards.  If you’re lucky, you can even find $200 Visa or MasterCard gift cards for $206.95.  Load up your cart with gift cards that you want and then, when paying, ask to split tender $50 at a time. For each payment, use a different Amex card that has been enrolled in this promo.  This way you’ll get the equivalent of about 20% back on all gift cards!

How to signup: Offers for You, or Twitter (Tweet: #AmexOfficeDepot)

See also: New Amex Sync offer: OfficeMax $10 off $50!

Walmart: Spend $15, get $5

To maximize this deal, buy a $15 Walmart gift card (online only) with each enrolled Amex card you have.  With your gift cards, you can then buy anything you want in store or online at Walmart or Sams Club.  You will get the equivalent of 33% back!

How to signup: Offers for You, or Twitter (Tweet: #AmexWalmart)

Uber: Spend $10, get $10 (40% off Uber!)

This is a great deal, but you do have spend $10 with Uber before the end of this year in order to get the statement credit. If you don’t have immediate plans for Uber rides, you can buy Uber gift card credit instead.  The minimum gift card amount is $25.  The $10 Amex rebate is like a 40% discount off future Uber rides.

How to signup: Offers for You, or Twitter (Tweet: #AmexUber)

For more details, see: 40% off Uber rides!

Sony: Spend $100, get $25

Go through a portal to Sony and buy gift cards $100 at a time.  Pay with your synced Amex cards.  Go through a portal again to use the gift cards to buy stuff. With 5% cash back portals, you should get the equivalent of a 35% rebate.

How to signup: Offers for You, or Twitter (Tweet: #AmexSony)

See: Sony PlayStation 4 brand new for $260. Here’s how…

Starbucks: Spend $10, get $5

Best bet here is to use your synced Amex cards to reload a Starbucks gift card $10 at a time.  This is equivalent to getting 50% off all of your Starbucks purchases.

How to signup: Offers for You, or Twitter (Tweet: #AmexStarbucks)

Best Buy: Spend $250, get $25

You can use this deal to get 10% off gift cards purchased at Best Buy (which may include Visa gift cards and Amazon gift cards).  However, if you have Best Buy purchases to make, consider the following:

  • Go through a points portal to Best Buy and buy a $250 physical gift card (According to reports in the Frequent Miler Laboratory, points-based portals work for this, but cash back portals do not).
  • Pay with your Synced Amex card for a 10% statement credit
  • Go through a portal again to buy merchandise with the gift card (or, sell the gift card and come out roughly even).

This deal gives you 10% off anything at Best Buy (including Apple products) plus points and miles!

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Thanks for this recap with more detailed information on how to best maximize the offers. Finally synced my cards and am ready to go!


Might check back during the day for the Amazon deal. Spend $15 get $15 back.
Just got a $15 gift card reload(no exclusion in t&c) for nada.


Do you know…
Can you buy physical GC from
Can Sony eGC earn portal CB?


Sony doesn’t sell physical GC online.

eGC earn portal points/CB.


Thanks for the “how to play” suggestions! I already tried to see if I could “slide” my U-verse under the Amex radar, but no luck. But I hadn’t thought at all about paying a friends ATT bill. Just gotta find a friend with ATT….


Tom –

I could be your friend as I didn’t get the promo. 🙂


FM – thanks for the summary. Is there a way to track what offers have been added to the bluebird card?


You might want to highlight the walmart offer is online *only* at


Just wanted to add that there are lots of items that can be ordered from & picked up in store so it counts for the Amex offer (like coffee!).


Isn’t just for merch, not Starbucks cards or reloads?


I successfully reloaded my Starbucks card 3 times with 3 different cards for $10 each and received the rebate.


10 off 50 at is on my list, I made a purchase of office max $50 gift card, but didn’t get the Amex notification on using the offer.


I don’t see $250 physical Best Buy gift cards online max for me seems to be $200. Anyone see different?


I saw Walmart in MY OFFERS (not in Available Offers). I don’t recall saving them. Did Amex do it automatically, because I saved it a different time? Or, is it there from the last time I saved them – but I used it the last time, so it shouldn’t still be there, right? Please advise. Thanks a million!


Ron – I’ve never had Amex add an offer automatically. That one came out quite a while ago, so maybe you added it, but forgot. Double check your “savings” column to make sure you haven’t already used it.


Thanks, Jamie. I didn’t think of that. Have a good day.


The Office Depot/Office Max offer terms say “Excludes…. electronic gift cards” – maybe that is why KEVIN didn’t get credit? FrequentMiler – any confirmation that this Amex Synch offer does in fact work with VISA gift cards?


I purchased merchant gift cards at my local Office Depot last night..I’ll be able to confirm the credit in a couple of days…
I did get the email confirmation almost immediately, though.


I’m thinking the Uber sync deal ended, am I wrong?


My first Credit from offer added on Blue Bird posted today…
I added Walmart offer on my card…made the purchase….and today received the credit.


Hell, Small business Saturday, can we do 3 $10 transaction at the same store to get $30 credit ?


Further Update: My purchase at Office Depot for Merchant Gift Cards — paid with my BlueBird — got posted today.


Thanks for all the info – subscribing


How can I add offers to Bluebird? Is Facebook the only way?


Is there a way to get cash back/points by buying gift cards ?