Up to 25 miles per dollar at Sears!

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Today through 11/24/2014, the AAdvantage eShopping Portal is offering 8X at SearsThis is stackable with other offers


This stacks with the portal’s winter promotion.  For every $175 you spend through 11/24/2014, earn 350 bonus miles – up to 1050 miles:


5X Credit card earnings

And, don’t forget that both the Chase Freedom card and Discover It card earn 5X this quarter at Sears.com (among other places).


January - March Gas stations, Movie theaters, Starbucks (asterisk) (Registered Trademark) stores. ACTIVATION PERIOD CLOSED. April - June Restaurants, Lowe's (Registered Trademark) home improvement stores. ACTIVATION PERIOD CLOSED. July - September Gas stations, Kohls (Registered Trademark). ACTIVATION PERIOD CLOSED. October - December Amazon.com, Zappos.com, Select Department stores. ACTIVATE BY December 14, 2014.

Double dip with gift cards

Sears is unusual among online merchants in that they explicitly allow portal earnings from both buying gift cards and using them. This makes it very easy to double dip: go through the portal once to buy gift cards and go through again to use them.

NOTE: Do not buy physical (by mail) gift cards with your Freedom card as it will be unlikely to earn the 4th quarter 5X bonus (since physical gift cards are sold by Kmart).  A better option is to buy e-gift cards, or reload an existing gift card (either e-gift card or physical gift card).

Gift card order verification

With most gift card orders, Sears calls to verify your identity before releasing the purchase.  If the process takes too long, you can expedite the process by calling Sears first.  Have your order number(s) handy and call this number:


Be prepared to answer a number of questions to prove your identity.

Only 15 gift cards per order

Sears.com will accept no more than 15 gift cards per order when using gift cards to buy merchandise.

25X Example:

  • Buy $175 Sears e-gift card, get 8X miles = 1400
  • Pay with Freedom or Discover card, get 5X = 875
  • Buy $175 worth of merchandise, get 8X miles = 1400
  • Earn 700 bonus miles from AAdvantage eShopping promotion
  • Miles Earned on $175 Spend: 4375
  • Miles per dollar: 25


Nearly 100% back in points

If you’re wondering what to buy at Sears, check out these SlickDeals deals:


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I’m glad you corrected the 39x title, because I couldn’t figure out how you got 39x. But it’s still in the actual post– 39x example


Do we know for sure that discover gives 5% back even on gc’s?


How does the SYWR stack? Is your cc charged $50 and your acct receives $40 in SYWR which could be used in the future?

Does spending SYWR points count towards spend within a rewards portal?


What is the “Earn 700 bonus miles from AAdvantage eShopping promotion”? I don’t see it.


FM have you ever seen UR mall go higher than 5X for Sears? What do you think the odds are of the Alaska portal jumping back up between now and Cyber Monday?


I tried to reload but my gift card but it wouldn’t let me. The first time time, I went to the checkout screen and right before the payment. When I tried to continue; it just emptied my shopping cart and the transaction failed without explanation. I didn’t know what happened. The second time, when I entered my gift card number, it should the balance but the section that normally allows reloading was blacked out so I could not read load my card. Has anybody experienced this before? I’ll look for another card.


I had the same problem, with the checkout asking for extra identity verification before loading a gift card. But when I clicked the link for the verification it would just empty my cart… I never got it to work, ended up just getting a new e-mailed gift card.


The 8 miles are not available today the 24th.


Oh well, I just ran to the nearest CVS and got some empty Sears cards. Now the 8x is back to 3X. Will save these for later.