Sears 8X via Southwest portal. Up to 25X possible

Today Only:

As found on today’s Frequent Miler’s Portal Alerts, Sears is offering 8 points per dollar through the Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping Portal.  



Go through the portal for 8X, then pay with a Chase Freedom card offering 5X this quarter at department stores, or pay with a Discover It card offering 5X this quarter for department stores and online shopping.  Make sure you haven’t yet maxed out the 4th quarter $1500 spend limit.


Through December 23 11:59 PM ET, you can earn 750 bonus points by spending $175 this holiday through the Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping portal.  This is a one time bonus based on cumulative spend.



Double dip!  Sears allows earning points for buying and using gift cards. So, go through the portal to buy e-gift cards or, better yet, reload an existing gift card (up to $500) and then go through the portal again to buy merchandise with the gift card.  If you’re gift card isn’t approved immediately, call 1-888-396-5299 to expedite your gift card order.

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Steve P

Thanks for the heads up on this. I have 2 questions. 1. Can I purchase $500 visa gift cards thru Sears while earning SW points and then cash them out with the red card at target? 2. How long does it usually take for these points to post to SW?



Steve — You can not buy visa gift cards online through Sears. Points typically track within 48 hours and post a couple weeks after they initially track.

FM — Quick question, I have had no issues getting large GC reload orders to track via the RR shopping portal. I am having a hell of a time getting GC reload orders to track via the AAdvantage portal though (all other orders through them are tracking fine). Any thoughts?

steve P

@ Frank: Thanks for your reply. I’m trying to earn the SW comp pass so I’m glad they don’t post for a couple weeks. Does anyone happen to have any recent data points on the best way to liquidate sears e-gift cards without buying and selling merchandise?


I find liquidating Sears GCs tough some times. For some time my local Sears and KMart carried the 200$ Visa GCs which was awesome to liquidate. Then they stopped. Now that I am finding it tough to buy&sell from Sears, I am buying Shell GCs and selling them to reseller sites @ 10% loss. This is costing >1 cpm which is not to my liking unless I have an immediate need. At this cost I would not buy miles for future. When my CP gets close to expiration I will jump in back then. Till then only if the 200$ Visa Cards return.

steve P

Thanks Phatmiles. I think I’ll stay on the sidelines for this deal in light of your helpful advise.


I’ve called the 1-888 number before in the past, but talking to CSR isn’t something I like doing. If an order is placed later today and isn’t approved until tomorrow, will I still get today’s 8x portal bonus?


Yes you do. I got them all the time. However, I take screenshots for the full transaction and track them cautiously.


is this a good time to earn points towards 2015 CP, or will they post for 2014? thanks!


i asked that question above because i’ve seen comments regarding other portals that the points took 3 weeks to post but then they posted for the date of the transaction. not really sure how they will show up for CP. thanks again.


Is the 750 bonus points something that has always been renewed on the 1st of the year or just randomly pops up from time to time. Hoping to use it for a 2015/2016 CP.


Hypothetical situation (not asking for moral advice)

Theoretically, if I bought a $500 gc, doubled dipped through the portal with say a $500 TV, and then ended up returning the TV, would all of my points be clawed back?
What if I waited for the miles to post before returning it?

Interested in your thoughts or experiences