Sears / Kmart free shipping for one year, for only $9.99! YMMV

Valid through 1/4/15:

Sears and Kmart have a free shipping program called Shop Your Way Max that usually sells for $39 per year. Currently Shop Your Way Max is available for only $9.99!  The best I’ve deal I’ve seen for this recently was $19.99 for Sears elite members.

Find the offer:

Go to and look for this banner near the top of the screen:


The banner rotates out with other offers, so you may have to refresh the screen to see it, or wait until is reappears.  Once you find it, click “learn more”.

If you have trouble finding the offer, try this:

“for those having a tough time getting this 9.99 offer… it appears to be a lot easier if you go direct to the shopyourway website… go into your profile… check your status… next to it should be a small renew or cancel. click renew and it should show you the offer…”

If you don’t already have Shop Your Way Max, I think that you can enroll in the free trial and then follow the above advice.  Good luck!


Your mileage may vary: readers are reporting that they do not see this offer.  I see it in one browser (Chrome), but not in another (Firefox).  Try different browsers; try logging in or out of Shop Your Way Rewards; try changing your location; etc.

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Hat tip: SlickDeals

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Targeted? I get the $39 offer with 90 days free…


I’m seeing 90 days free, and 180 days free, depending on the refresh I do. Haven’t seen the 9.99 for a year yet.

Scott H

Great catch Greg, and I too will sign up for it, IF I see it. So far, I too am only getting the $39 offer and/or the 90 days free. (I’ve tried checking before and after logging on, different browsers, cache clearing etc.) Anybody else seeing it yet? Maybe it’s gone already?

Matt T

Have also only seen the $39.


180 days free. I’ll take it.


It must be targeted. I’m not getting it and I order stuff from all the time. Ugh.


I see an offer for 180 days free, but when I go to register for it the offer changes to only 90 days free. I haven’t seen the year for $9.99 yet.


I found a 90 days free offer eventually by clicking on to “Learn more”, then Sears Shop Your Way Max. Pretty sure that’s a standard offer though.


Mine shows $39 with 90 days free, what’s interesting is that, the benefits lists that $3 back in points (3000 points) each month, does anyone have first hand experience with this? This could offset the cost significantly if works as stated.


I ended up following the below advice from DrunkFuX found on and it worked.

“for those having a tough time getting this 9.99 offer… it appears to be a lot easier if you go direct to the shopyourway website… go into your profile… check your status… next to it should be a small renew or cancel. click renew and it should show you the offer…”

Also, you can redeem points to pay for most the membership, but it seems you must pay a little by a cc to have the transaction go through.

Scott H

Many thanks to Michael above — went to SYWR, then profile — then had to fuss around a bit to figure out how to get to “status” (dawned on me eventually that this referred to status of my previous MAX membership). Once I figured that wee detail out, then clicked on “renew” — and lo and behold, there it was, the offer to renew for just $9.99. THANK YOU!


I was able to see offer on without being logged in. Used Chrome browser on Mac. I added to cart and then logged in, no issues purchasing it. Here’s the text from the confirmation email, looks like a great deal, money maker even 🙂 :

Thank you for activating your SHOP YOUR WAYSM MAX annual membership. Your current membership is set to automatically renew on 2015-12-27.

We hope you enjoy the program’s many benefits:
— Free 2-day shipping on tons of Sears and Kmart items
— Double Shop Your Way base points on qualified in-store and online purchases as a paid annual member**
— $3 in points (3,000 points) every month to use within 14 days (a $36 value!)

Best regards,

SHOP YOUR WAYTM MAX offer applies only to shippable items sold by Sears and Kmart. Excludes certain Marketplace items. Look for the Shop Your Way MAX logo to find eligible items. Annual SHOP YOUR WAYTM MAX members earn double points on base points only. Promotional offers do not qualify for double points.


I was able to get this by going directly to the ShopYourWay website as suggested. Thanks!!


Here’s what I did to finally get the 9.99 for the year offer after not getting it offered to me for a while:

Incognito window in chrome
signed into with account, signed up for free trial of 180 days.
logged out of
went to in a new incognito window, saw 6 month offer again
went to in a new incognito window, saw 6 month offer again
logged into my sears account within that window, and immediately saw the 9.99 for a year deal.


Here is how I did it. On the shopyourway website I signed up for the free 90 days today.

Then I clicked around on the sears website trying to sign up for shop your way. I never saw the $9.99 advertised priced but eventually ended up with the shop your way max year subscription in my cart. On the checkout screen I added my shop your way points to the order. If even let me choose how many points I wanted to added. I added 9980 points and it dropped the price of year membership to $0.01


[…] Miler is reporting that Sears has a targeted offer for their Shop Your Way Max free shipping program. Some members are […]

Scott H

Greg, thanks for drawing this to our attention — and then hosting a discussion where your readers could post suggested workarounds…. Had a profoundly sour finish this year at UVA. For some reason, winning this wee one… helps the outlook going forward. Happy New Year!


I did exactly as Jake said and worked smoothly. Then I got the VIP discount and another $5 on purchases on an item using code MAXFIVE and paying with SYWR points.
Thanks FM and Jake


I would recommend signing up for the 90 days free first. Then go to the Click “rewards”. Then Max Free 2-day shipping. Click through to upgrade your membership and you will be charged $9.99 and can you use points. I was able to get 15 months for $10 this way. Thanks!