2015 Holiday Giveaway!


Happy Holidays everyone!

As the end of the year approaches, I’d like to thank my readers with a give-away.  Here are the prizes I’ll be giving away:

  • Two $100 Sears gift cards
  • Five $60 Amazon.com gift cards!
  • One $25 Sur La Table gift card
  • One $25 Back Country gift card
  • Many Award Wallet upgrade codes (see “Instant Win” below)

Holiday giveaway 2015

How to enter

  • Everyone is free to enter.
  • You may enter only once.
  • To enter, simply add a comment to the bottom of this blog page.  You may write anything you’d like in the comment such as “pick me.”  Submissions via email, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media will not count.
  • Comments not in the spirit of this give-away (such as those containing vulgar language, mean-spirited attacks against others, commercial advertisements, multiple entries from one participant, etc.) will be removed and not valid for this give-away.  The author of this blog will be the sole judge of which comments, if any, should be removed.
  • Comments will be accepted until 2 PM ET, Monday December 28th.
  • Any comments submitted after 2 PM ET, Monday December 28th will not be included in the give-away.

Method of selecting winners

  • For each prize, I will use a random number generator to randomly select from the pool of valid comments.
  • Once a person has been selected as a prize winner, they will no longer be eligible for additional prizes within this giveaway.  In other words, the same person can apply for a new giveaway promotion in the future if/when one is held, but cannot win more than 1 prize for this give-away.

How winners will be announced

  • Winners will be announced via a blog post sometime next week.
  • Prizes will be sent via email within the next week or two.

Information about the prizes

  • All gift card prizes will be sent via email in the form of gift card codes or certificate codes.

Instant Win

I have quite a few Award Wallet upgrade coupons available for upgrading to Award Wallet Plus.  If you don’t already have an Award Wallet account, please consider signing up with my link. For every 5 people who sign up, I’ll earn another upgrade coupon.  That way I’ll earn additional upgrades to give away.  FYI: I don’t earn any money from the referral, but if people I refer upgrade to Award Wallet Plus, I’ll earn points that can be redeemed for airline miles.

To upgrade your Award Wallet membership, click only one link below.  I will periodically update this list since codes can only be used once:

New Codes Added Monday 12/28/15 7:55 am ET:

Invite-56528-VZCOQ – use coupon
Invite-56528-WCCOZ – use coupon
Invite-56528-WLTSS – use coupon
Invite-56528-WWSJN – use coupon
Invite-56528-XIFQL – use coupon
Invite-56528-XUHIC – use coupon
Invite-56528-XWCQZ – use coupon
Invite-56528-XZSIY – use coupon
Invite-56528-YFXBU – use coupon
Invite-56528-YLKDC – use coupon
Invite-56528-YWKEG – use coupon
Invite-56528-YXRRD – use coupon
Invite-56528-ZECGC – use coupon
Invite-56528-ZEHCS – use coupon

New Codes Added 12/27/15 9:10 am ET:

Invite-56528-SNAFJ – use coupon
Invite-56528-SOJVW – use coupon
Invite-56528-SRIPL – use coupon
Invite-56528-TCTJY – use coupon
Invite-56528-TEAYI – use coupon
Invite-56528-TIJLY – use coupon
Invite-56528-TQLBJ – use coupon
Invite-56528-UMGCV – use coupon
Invite-56528-UXPWJ – use coupon
Invite-56528-VPDFJ – use coupon
Invite-56528-VVWHQ – use coupon

New Codes Added 12/26/15 8:35 am ET:

Invite-56528-QBJXC – use coupon
Invite-56528-QDPRD – use coupon
Invite-56528-QHJDH – use coupon
Invite-56528-RBCIW – use coupon
Invite-56528-SFOZE – use coupon
Invite-56528-SIQCM – use coupon

New Codes Added 12/25/15 11:10 pm ET:

Invite-56528-KWRQM – use coupon
Invite-56528-LBHWE – use coupon
Invite-56528-LDZII – use coupon
Invite-56528-LJTDW – use coupon
Invite-56528-LLBAU – use coupon
Invite-56528-LPFNQ – use coupon
Invite-56528-LTXGK – use coupon
Invite-56528-MQJYU – use coupon
Invite-56528-NDPMJ – use coupon
Invite-56528-NIVQZ – use coupon
Invite-56528-NNHGG – use coupon
Invite-56528-OBDQI – use coupon
Invite-56528-OCKXN – use coupon
Invite-56528-OGXDB – use coupon
Invite-56528-OPRYQ – use coupon
Invite-56528-OPTUE – use coupon
Invite-56528-OQDJL – use coupon
Invite-56528-OVPSN – use coupon
Invite-56528-OZADK – use coupon
Invite-56528-PUYOU – use coupon

New Codes Added 12/25/15 4pm ET:

Invite-56528-GUKEJ – use coupon
Invite-56528-HLGTU – use coupon
Invite-56528-IGBZI – use coupon
Invite-56528-INHMQ – use coupon
Invite-56528-INITT – use coupon
Invite-56528-IPKCD – use coupon
Invite-56528-IQYTO – use coupon
Invite-56528-IUYQS – use coupon
Invite-56528-IWHOY – use coupon
Invite-56528-JATWE – use coupon
Invite-56528-JKWEA – use coupon
Invite-56528-JRFQN – use coupon
Invite-56528-JRLGC – use coupon
Invite-56528-JXBHI – use coupon
Invite-56528-KBCSB – use coupon

New Codes Added 12/25/15 11:34am ET:

Invite-56528-CPYSM – use coupon
Invite-56528-CSLPJ – use coupon
Invite-56528-CXPAR – use coupon
Invite-56528-DMUCV – use coupon
Invite-56528-DOGWW – use coupon
Invite-56528-EMDWJ – use coupon
Invite-56528-EMRME – use coupon
Invite-56528-EPNQR – use coupon
Invite-56528-EQLHG – use coupon
Invite-56528-EYYWE – use coupon
Invite-56528-FDRMK – use coupon
Invite-56528-FLIPQ – use coupon
Invite-56528-FPQBN – use coupon
Invite-56528-FUWUV – use coupon
Invite-56528-GIBDY – use coupon

Invite-56528-ADNBI – use coupon
Invite-56528-ADSAH – use coupon
Invite-56528-BEEHW – use coupon
Invite-56528-BFAUK – use coupon
Invite-56528-BKNHO – use coupon
Invite-56528-BVDPL – use coupon
Invite-56528-BVYNI – use coupon
Invite-56528-CCZKE – use coupon
Invite-56528-CJKTJ – use coupon
Invite-56528-CJZDP – use coupon

Good luck and Happy Holidays!

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