Drive For Lyft & Earn $1,000 After Your First Ride

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Update: Lyft changed the terms as of 3pm Eastern today to reduce the number of cities and raise the ride requirement to 30. The promotion is now only valid in: Boston, Nashville, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C through March 8. You can find the new terms here.

Ridesharing service Lyft is offering a $1,000 bonus for new drivers who complete their first ride by March 5, 2015.

Cities Available:

Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Denver, Seattle, Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego, San Jose, Miami, Nashville, San Francisco, Los Angeles.


  • Apply on or after midnight on Wednesday, Feb. 25
  • Complete first ride on or before Thursday, Mar. 5
  • Must enter the code BENJAMINS on sign up
  • Expect payment in 1-2 pay cycles

You can find the full terms of the promotion here and a more detailed explanation along with an FAQ at The Reward Boss.

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Since Frequent Miler is not an online employment agency, is the idea here to sign-up, give someone a ride and then quit for the thousand bucks? I guess they’d issue a 1099.


THIS IS DEAD. As of 3pm EST today, February 27th, the terms have changed (fewer cities qualify and now you have to complete 30 rides). Check the Lyft promotion website.