Staples 6X Per Dollar & More Increased Portal Offers

staples 6x and more

Some of today’s increased payouts at the Southwest Rapid Rewards portal.

Both the Southwest Rapid Rewards and the AAdvantage portals have increased payouts at a number of merchants today. Lets take a look.

Southwest Rapid Rewards Portal

  • Staples – 2X 6X
  • Under Armour – 4X 10X
  • New Balance – 4X 8X
  • Neiman Marcus – 3X 6X
  • Ulta – 1X 5X
  • The Body Shop – 4X 8X
  • Kiehl’s – 3X 6X
  • Sunglass Hut – 3X 10X

AAdvantage Portal

  • Sears – 3X 6X
  • Kohl’s – 2X 4X
  • Blue Nile – 3X 6X
  • Loft – 3X 8X
  • Nordstrom – 4X 6X
  • Perfumania – 4X 10X
  • Piperlime – 3X 7X
  • SpaFinder Wellness 365 – 3X 7X
  • Toms – 5X 8X

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13 Comments on "Staples 6X Per Dollar & More Increased Portal Offers"

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Will these portals give bonus points for the purchase of gift cards?

Guest T&C say not eligible on gift cards, gift certificates or similar cash equivalents including third party gift cards.


What about AAdvantage Portal? Do they give bonus points for the purchase of gift cards?
any data points?


Almost same Q as above
If I buy Non-Visa GCs from thru SW portal, will that result in SW points?
Will Staples process the GCs directly or through Cash Star? I am asking about Ink 5X.

Daniel W

I bought third-party merchant gift cards from through the Southwest portal on 3/6 and no points have posted thus far. Typically, points through the Southwest portal have taken about 4-5 days to post although technically it says it can take up to 6–8 weeks. I personally would not use the Southwest portal to buy gift cards again. Will update if my points ever end up posting.


Thanks Daniel. I was hoping buy some everyday used cards like Shell, Sears etc from the portal using my Ink Bold so that I can get 11X. Looks like no go.

Daniel W

Just as another data point, I did receive points through the Southwest portal on gift cards purchased on 12/23. The points posted 12/26. Maybe they have updated their system since then.


These count toward companion pass, right?


I pulled the trigger and got some Visa’s from Staples thru SW portal via Ink, will try to remember to update you somehow in a couple weeks if the points post for the portal, I’m doubtful, but worth a shot, needed some anyway, been slacking in my MS game 😐