Nearly complete guide to Frequent Miler resources, and more

In January, I welcomed Shawn Coomer to the Frequent Miler team.  Since then, he has helped tremendously by writing Quick Deal posts, Saturday “week in review” posts, Sunday “It’s not too late – deal’s still alive” posts, and revising and enhancing my weekly email subscription posts.  In addition to all of that, Shawn has been creating and updating many of the resources found on this site.  In this post, I’ll show you where to find these resources and, more importantly, tell you why you should care.

Finding guides:

Most of the resources described below happen to be found under the Gift Cards menu on every page of this site:


Other helpful resources can be found under other menu items: Credit Cards, Flights, Resources, Start Here.

The complete guide to Amex Offers

American Express gives statement credits (or extra points) for purchases at various merchants through their program called Amex Offers. In many cases, these offers can be quite lucrative, especially if you have a large number of qualifying Amex cards.  This guide details which Amex cards are eligible, how to get more cards (for example: Bluebird/Serve subaccounts), the best ways to register for these Amex promotions, etc.  For those new to Amex Offers, the guide should come in very handy, especially with the latest offer of Spend $50, Get $10 back at Lowe’s.  That may not sound exciting to those who rarely shop at Lowe’s, but Lowe’s does have a very healthy gift card rack and so this deal makes it possible to get 20% off gift cards, Disney gift cards, gas gift cards, Southwest Airlines gift cards, and much more.


The complete guide to Sears gift cards

Sears often offers great online portal promotions.  It’s often possible to earn 8 or 9 miles per dollar through various portals, and we’ve seen them go as high as 16 miles per dollar in the past.  There are a few special things about Sears that are worth knowing (and are detailed in this complete guide).  For example:

  • Sears allows portal points to be earned both when buying gift cards and when spending them.  This makes it possible to double portal rewards when buying Sears’ merchandise.
  • Sears sells non-Sears gift cards in-store and sometimes allows paying with Sears gift cards.
  • Sears sometimes sells things that are resale worthy (if you’re interested in that path, I highly recommend subscribing to the blog Big Habitat. He’s always buying and selling stuff from Sears and Staples).

How relevant is this guide?  Yesterday I published a Quick Deal showing that the United MileagePlus portal was offering 8 miles per dollar at Sears.  In addition to offering examples of ways to buy Sears gift cards at a discount or to earn miles (as with this deal), the guide offers a number of suggestions of how to use the gift cards.  I recommend reading the guide first before deciding whether or not to buy.


The complete guide to Staples Visa & MasterCard deals

Staples sells Visa gift cards online and sells both Visa & MasterCard gift cards in-store.  This is significant because several credit cards offer great bonuses at office supply stores, plus Staples often offers rebates for in-store Visa or MasterCard gift cards.  In fact, a rebate offer is happening right now:


The complete guide to loading Bluebird or Serve at a Walmart MoneyCenter Express Kiosk

While its common for Walmart’s kiosks to be broken, working kiosks do exist.  If you’re new to reloading Bluebird or Serve with Visa/MasterCard gift cards, this guide should prove helpful.  For Serve owners, it may be especially relevant now that Serve will no longer allow Visa/MasterCard/Discover online credit card loads.

Other recently updated guides include:

More Frequent Miler Resources

And even more…

There are many more resources listed in the menus at the top of each page. Please take some time to click around.  Admittedly, some are a bit out of date, but we are working hard on correcting that!  If there are particular resources that you would like to see added or updated, please let us know by commenting below.

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I have to say that the addition of Shawn has proved to be a very positive one. I especially like the deals that are still alive posts. And it seems to be more often that you are able to put out the occasional two posts in a day when something important and unexpected comes up.


Walmart’s money center express ATMs around my neck of the woods (I’ve tried 3 locations around Baltimore) has been down for months. Just a hand written sign covering the machine. Walmart CSRs have no idea when or if it will be repaired (or turned back on). I can still load my bluebird at the customer service center but I hope it’s not a foreshadowing of Bluebird going away.


Could you do Podcasts? Someone in the points/miles “blogosphere should start doing hardcore” podcasting episodes like once/twice a week at least. That would be a nice addition.


Haha, Greg, I did NOT put this poster up to posting this 🙂



You should check out saverocity’s observation deck podcast. I really like it. asthejoeflies is a great host and I really like trevor as well.


I had a Sears gift card question. Do you know if I will get 8X if I buy something through the portal today and it is not sold by Sears. Thanks for any input.


Going through Sears. Com


2 ideas:
1. Luxury hotel stays go hand in hand with aspirational airline travel but seem to be an under served area throughout all the blogs……it’s a diamond in the rough that needs attention.
2. A photo series titled “Greg Goes to Walmart”………I think the first photo shoot should be at the Oakland Airport location……..then your readers will truly appreciate that you are willing to put your life on the line for a few hundred miles…………


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Great job Shawn


[…] Amex Everyday earns 3x at Supermarkets (not a good option, but an option). (Plus, see FM’s list of resources that may include info on liquidating gift cards). Although, it would probably take a good […]