Kroger 4X Fuel Rewards on gift cards is back – Here is what you need to do

kroger 4x march 2015

Kroger & its subsidiary brands are offering 4X fuel rewards on select gift cards through 4/5/15.

While variable load cards are excluded, fixed value Visa & Mastercard gift cards along with a variety of merchant gift cards are eligible. Generally the highest fixed value cards they carry are $100 for a $5.95 fee.


I personally went to my local Smith’s and purchased a $100 Visa gift card. For some reason this purchase did not earn ANY fuel points. All of the fine print in the store indicated that fixed value cards should still earn fuel points, so YMMV. I did not get a chance to purchase a $100 Mastercard.

Chase Freedom

As a reminder the Chase Freedom card offers 5X on grocery store purchases through 3/31/15. (With a maximum of $1,500 in purchases between 1/1 & 3/31).  A number of other credit cards have category bonuses for grocery stores as well.

How to Load

To get the offer you must first load it to your Kroger rewards card. To do this go to the Kroger (or subsidiary) site and login. Then click “coupons” and then “promotions” on the left hand side. You should then see the coupon available to be loaded to your account.

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Max M

Thanks for the heads up about the coupon!


I live in SoCal, where we have Ralphs. I went to the Ralphs website to look for the 4x promo coupon, and it’s not there. I then went to the Kroger website and was able to add the coupon using my Ralphs login info. Am I safe to assume that I should be able to get the 4x at Ralphs?


I have not done this before. Do I understand this right that I purchase the Visa or MC fixed value card for $100, the go to Kroger web site to register the card?

shirley smith

i have tried everything to figure out how to put in for 4x gas pts. for purchase of gift cards. i am a old senior and can’t get to it. i have tried 3 x.


Go to your Kroger account and sign in. Then go to the Savings menu and select promotions. You should see the 4X gas on GC promotion and be able to load it directly in your card.


[…] Kroger 4X Fuel Rewards on gift cards is back – Here is what you need to do […]

Mist Soalar

Another SoCal user here. I added this coupon from kroger’s site, but it appeared on my Ralphs account too.
Purchased $25 Amazon GC, and earned 4X points with no problem.