5% Off eBay Gift Card – May Earn Portal & 5X Ultimate Rewards

ebay gift card apr 8 2015

Paypal Digital Gifts via eBay is selling $100 eBay e-gift cards for $95. Unfortunately there is a limit of one e-gift card per user.

Top Cashback is currently paying 1.5% back on gift cards. eBay gift cards are excluded in their terms, however I received cashback on a purchase of eBay gift cards within the past week.

You may also be able to earn 5X points on this purchase as well with a Chase Ink card. This worked for me as recent as April 4, 2015, however one reader wrote in saying he did not receive 5X within the past week.

These gift cards are popular since they can be used to purchase other gift cards or merchandise on eBay at a discount. For that reason deals like this tend to sell out fairly quickly.

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Opposite result from TCB here, I did not receive CB for my last eBay GC purchase (from the last discounted GCs). Tracked at $0


I only see them offering the gift cards at face value. How do I get the discount?

Miles per Day

Seems like Ebay and Paypal are slowly closing this loop. I bought 3 Exxon $100 GC’s yesterday and for some reason, they would only take 1x$100 GC. They wouldn’t take the other 2 I had entered. But yet, I had like 3 leftover GC’s saved in Paypal and it would take just fine.

I tried to buy this Ebay GC right now using an Ebay GC and Paypal wouldn’t process the transaction. Then I removed the GC and still couldn’t get it to go through. I have to call Paypal again for them to fix my account, just like I did a month ago. Buying these GCs on Ebay is getting to be very cumbersome.


Ebates is giving cashback for the Ebay gift card purchases!!! I have been using ebates all the time and so far all of them have resulted in 1% cashback. I did try once purchasing ebay GC with TCB but it didn’t earn cashback. I do use TCB to buy other stuff from ebay to get the full 1.5% cashback.

And Yes! any purchases from paypal_digital_gifts earn Chase Ink Plus 5X points. This has been my way of MS earning free 5X points.

Also, this time I had $30 left over from an earlier GC, so I used it without any issues. So, I had to pay only $65 out of pocket and now I have $100 ebay GC for future use.

Some folks do have trouble buying from paypal_digital_gifts due to ebay restricting payment by CC. I did run into this few times, so my alternative is to buy ebay GC from GYFT which also earns 5X Chase Ink Plus points !!!

Hope this helps!


GYFT, as in gyft.com? That’s pretty sweet if you’re getting 5% off all day long from ebay going this route w/ Ink.

If so, what’s your experiences been with them? Do you receive your ebay codes quickly?


Yep! Gyft as in gyft.com. The codes come immediately within 5 minutes or so. If you are logged into gyft account you can just click on the reveal the code and voila! it’s there. Although you have to wait about few hours for the code to work. I went to gyft.com via ebates and also got 1% cashback credited for this ebay GC purchase.

One thing I forgot to mention is that you have to pay GYFT using paypal account which has your Chase Ink linked to it. So, the charges will appear as “Paypal * Gyft”. Here’s the recent charge from my Chase Ink UR page.

4/02 PAYPAL *GYFT $200.00 1,000 Bonus earn –
Rewards Earned
+ 1 Point per $1 earned on all purchases200
+ 4 Pts per $1 internt,cable,phone,ofc sply800
Transaction Date:4/02
Statement Post Date:4/05
Total Rewards1,000

Enjoy !!

Miles per Day

Ah very nice Miles Collector. Didn’t know about the Gyft 5X Ink route.


It doesn’t. I made a test purchase. Only earned 1x.


Woops, no, I didn’t make the test purchase as exactly specified.


Not sure why it didn’t work for you. Did you pay GYFT using paypal? If not, then it will not code as 5X. Only payments made to GYFT via paypal is coded as 5X. I just did a bunch of GYFT ebay GC purchase couple of days ago and they all coded as 5X.


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the limit on this deal has been increased to two per account. you can also use $95 from the first gift card to buy another one. 😉


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here’s my input.
looks like recent (4/2) purchases from svmgiftcards did not post as 5x on the ink card although they posted as “PAYPAL EBAY MARKTPLC USD”.
is this dead already? can anyone else confirm ?

in addition i used my wife’s and mom’s ebay account (same address) to purchase same gift cards and got a notice from ebay about violation of terms (i can’t find anything that would say limit is per household – limit is per buyer so if i have more buyers under same address i don’t think i’m violating any rules, but according to ebay i am – very confusing. accounts are under their name’s, not mine, so go figure.


We’re pleased to have you as part of the eBay Community. However, we are contacting you regarding a violation of eBay?s Site Interference policy.

Listings promoted on the eBay Deals have a limit on the amount of items you can purchase, primarily to maintain an equal marketplace for all members and allow other eBay members the opportunity to take part in the eBay Deals. Using multiple accounts to circumvent this limit is a violation of eBay policy.

We have become aware of purchases using multiple accounts associated to you that exceed the quantity allowed per buyer. We understand that you may not have been aware of this policy, and we invite you to learn more about this policy at the link below in order to keep your experiences on eBay pleasant and successful.


You are still welcome to purchase from the eBay Deals section, but you are advised to limit your buying activity to use of a single account when doing so. Please be aware that additional violations of this policy may result in your purchases being cancelled and a restriction of your buying privileges. We appreciate your understanding.




so i bought sears and ebay gift cards on April 13th from giftcardmall and this did not post as 5x either – now i’m really confused as transactions from giftcardmall used to post as 5x – those transactions posted as “PAYPAL EBAY MARKTPLC USD” although previous transaction from giftcardmall posted as “PP *GIFTCARDMAL”

can anyone see if they have experienced same behavior?


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All of my transactions with PAYPAL EBAY MARKTPLC USD and PAYPAL *PAYPAL INC earned 5x with Chase Ink.


Bought Exxon gas card with Ink card couple days ago but no 5x points with transaction posted as PAYPAL *SVM LP.