Another Portal is Paying for Visa Gift Cards – You Can Now Get .5% Cashback

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Update: GiftCardMall recently updated their website and the maximum denomination for Visa gift cards is now $250. This update alters the math significantly. For more on the changes, see this Miles to Memories post.

A few days ago I posted about portal cashback returning for the purchase of Visa gift cards from GiftCardMall. At the time the Simply Best Coupons portal launched a limited time promotion offering .4% cashback through 7/20/15.

It now seems that Top Cashback has also started offering cashback for the purchase of Visa gift cards. Currently they are advertising .5% back, although they do not list an end date so this could change at any time.

Portal cashback for Visa gift cards disappeared last year and it is definitely a positive development to see it return to multiple portals. While .5% isn’t huge, the cashback earned is based on the entire gift card amount not including fees. Hopefully we will also see temporary increases in cash back like has happened recently with American Express gift cards.

For more info on why purchasing Visa gift cards may be a viable option for manufacturing spend, see this Miles to Memories post.

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Almost takes care of the fee!

The fine print on the website, however, says card fees do not earn cash back.


Never mind, I thought your post said the fee did earn. Oops.


You’re a posting machine these days…dayn…I can’t keep up! I Just recently started reading you…good stuff BTW. Just curious, do u have a j.o.b or do you do this full time? Thanks to your posts I’ll be traveling more and hopefully one day leave my cubicle job and just travel full time. Your post rock!


I wonder how would this be a favor over buying VGC via staples with the ink card? Thanks.


Do they accept AGC as payment to purchase the VISAs? I have a bunch of customized AGC that I need to liquidate – > visa GC -> MO


[…] Receive .5% cashback on Visa gift card purchases from Giftcardmall with the Topcashback portal. (HT: Shawn at FrequentMiler) […]


the worry I have is CA fees. Recently, gCM purchases on eBay coded as CA. Wonder if their website is doing the same.


[…] Another Portal is Paying for Visa Gift Cards – You Can Now Get .5% Cashback […]


So I looked at TopCashBack and could not find Visa gift cards for sale there, only AE. Did they stop selling them or are they listed differently? I looked under Gift Cards.