Amex business gift cards 2.25% via TopCashBack today only


Today only (May 19 2015): TopCashBack is offering Business Amex gift cards for 2.25% cash back.

If you don’t already have a TopCashBack account, you can find a signup link and many other cool things here.


  • Do not use a promo code to reduce gift card fees or for free shipping since that will invalidate your cash back (the Premium Shipping Plan is fine, though).
  • Do not buy denominations higher than $2,000 (see: $2K denomination limit on Amex gift card cash back)
  • Do not pay with Citibank credit cards since they sometimes charge cash advance fees.
  • You can not use Amex gift cards to reload REDbird.


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11 Comments on "Amex business gift cards 2.25% via TopCashBack today only"

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I normally purchase Visa gift cards for loading to Serve. Can AmEx gift cards be loaded to Serve? If not, is there a good way to unload AmEx gift cards?


I need to do a minimum spend on the recently approved Ameriprise version of AmEx platinum with fee free for first year. So, if I buy AmEx GCs via TCB today, then will the purchase count towards minimum spend?


My order was declined. Used Barclay Arrival, AMEX customer service said I had to use a Buisness Credit Card. I thought you could use any cc?


I’m sure this has been asked before, just thought I’d offer that this ends 11:59pm PST. So still a little under 3 hours left.


@ Justin — I paid for my order with the Barclay Arrival Plus with no problems. Are you sure you got the real reason?


Made several orders yesterday to take advantage of both the TCB 2.25% and Amex $10. Only half of my orders were tracked properly by TCB. Anyone had any luck getting paid after submitting support ticket for missing claim? Alternatively, anyone cancel AGC orders?

5280 miles

Yes. I have had 100%. takes a few weeks.
Canceling is a pain. Just file a claim.


The same here
a few weeks ago there was an offer for 2% and my orders only got tracked with 1.5%. I cancelled the orders.
On the 19th the CB was 2.25% and again my 3 orders where tracked as 1.5%. TCB has been failing me a lot lately. Untracked orders, merchants who do not want to pay and wrong CB %. I will probably use other portals that are more reliable. It’s a full time job to be checking claims and responding back and forth of emails with the same information already submitted. Too bad that such a great service has become so unreliable.


Just curious. If there is no easy / cheap way to unload these it seems like a lot of work and risk just to get a 2% benefit, especially when there are credit cards that pay 2%. I know this might help if you nearing the end of 3 months for a sign-up bonus and just need to get your spend high enough. Is that what everyone here is doing, or is there an “un-mentioned” way of unloading AmEx gift cards?