eBay Merchant Gift Card Deals – Up to 20% Off Plus Possible 5x, 4% Portal Cashback & 2% eBay Bucks

ebay merchant gift card sale

Paypal Digital Gifts via eBay has a number of gift cards at substantial discounts. These discounts should stack with a possible 5X points with the Chase Ink, 2% back in eBay Bucks and 4% cashback from the Ebates portal.

If you don’t already have an Ebates account, you can find a signup link and many other cool things here.

Gift Cards for Sale from Paypal Digital Gifts

Here is an example of the math when buying the Sears gift cards:

  • 2 x $100 Sears gift cards: $170
  • – 4% cash back: -$6.80
  • -2% eBay Bucks: -$3.40
  • Total cost: $159.80
  • Possible UR points with Ink: 850

For more see: The complete guide to Sears gift cards.

Other Gift Card Deals

There are a few other discounted gift cards that are being sold by SVMGiftCards. Purchases from SVM do not earn 5x with Ink based on previous experiences, but should still earn 2% eBay bucks & 4% portal cashback.

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[…] portal for eBay has been down to 1.1% for over a week already. Down from 1.5%. UPDATE: FrequentMiler notes that today Ebates if offering 4% on the gift cards category. This really changes the game […]


Has anyone had recent success exchanging Sears gift cards for other merchants’ gift cards in Sears stores? I had done this successfully for quite some time (taking advantage of the discounts like we have today), but a couple of months ago my local store completely shut down this opportunity. Might another store work?


If they want to be bunch of d-bags about it, just purchase a regular item and return it for store credit. Then you can use that to purchase giftcards. They can’t tell you how to spend store credit like they can with their gift cards.


From recent posts on the 5X thread it sounds like first Paypal Digital Gifts and then more recently GiftCardMall both recoded so as not to earn 5X UR with Chase Ink. Can anybody confirm?


I know I’m dense, but I do not see how you can use Chase Ink to “stack” this deal if you are required to click through and use your PayPal account to pay for it? Can someone please help me learn some new angle here? I’m obviously missing something…


For whatever reason, Paypal (as the seller, not payment method) on ebay is coded as office store which triggers the INK 5% category bonus.


Just got my code emails. Unfortunately, clicking on the “Get My Code” link brings me to unreadable gibberish. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?


Firefox and Chrome had same problem. IE fixed it (go figure).


Firefox worked for me. Huh.


Has anyone else had failures trying to purchase this? When it sends me to Paypal and I confirm my payment information, I get;
This payment cannot be completed and your account has not been charged. Please contact your merchant for more information.


I am getting message that gift cards with Email delivery are not eligible for ebay bucks .. Is this the case with all of you as well?


For Sears Gift Cards, you show that there is a limit of 2 cards per person. On the ebay page, I do not see this stipulation. Can you please advise where the limit of 2 cards per account comes from? Thanks.


Did you find an answer to this? I cant find the “2 per user” stipulation, either.