$50 eBay Gift Card for $40 – Act Fast

ebay gift card code

Right now you can purchase a $50 eBay gift card for $40 by using the code CFATHERS10. (The code gives a $10 discount off $50.)

This code may work on other items, but I have confirmed it works for eBay gift codes sold by Paypal Digital Gifts. Generally coupon codes don’t work on eBay gift cards, so I would suggest acting fast if you are interested in purchasing one.

This purchase should earn 5x in Ultimate Rewards points if you pay with a Chase Ink card. There is a limit of one use per account. Generally portals don’t payout for the purchase of eBay gift cards, however some people have had success in the past with Ebates. (My last purchase with Ebates didn’t track.)

Update: I have heard reports that this is working on pretty much all gift cards and merchandise on eBay.

Update 2: The $50 eGift cards are sold out, but 2 x $25 should work.

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14 Comments on "$50 eBay Gift Card for $40 – Act Fast"

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Aaron Lynn

$50 cards are sold out, but I bought 2 x $25 cards and the code still worked.


well there’s a “duh” moment! I didn’t even think to try 2x $25! guess i’ll just have to wait for mine in the mail 🙁


Thanks for the tip. The email delivery cards were sold out, but was able to purchase a $50 free delivery eBay gift card from giftcardmall for $40. Doubt I’ll receive the eBates discount, but who knows.


I got a 50 by mail for 50. I presume its limit one ?

ebates stopped paying cb on ant giftcards in ebay, not just ebay ones.


Just purchased the $50 eBay Gift Card from giftcardmall for $40, since the $50 eBay gift codes were sold out by Paypal Digital Gifts. I could of purchased two $25 eBay Gift Cards, but it is much easier to liquidate a physical $50 Gift Card versus two $25 Gift Cards.


Can you use this code more than once? Or is it just a one time thing?


$25 also sold out – tried on the $30*2 = $60 – worked. I am good with this saving 🙂

Larry Ordway

CFATHERS10 is dead. Says it has reached redemption limit or something like that.


Darn it ahaha. I was waiting for someone to respond to my message and ended up missing it when I could of used it lol….


Where are you putting these codes? I put it in the redemption box and I always get the “There is no balance left on this redemption code” message.


That’s the right place to put in… the error means the code is no longer good. I think eBay caught it… I still haven’t received shipping confirmation.. with paypal digital giftcard purchases, I usually get an email with code within 30 min… not this time. I wonder if my order will be canceled…


Some people on SD were rolling the GC into new ones with the $10 off over and over again. Not sure how they’re getting past the 1 cpn use per account unless they’re making accounts like crazy.



“There is no balance left on this redemption code”