$10 off $150 or more in Amex gift cards at Office Depot/Officemax

Office Depot Amex gift cards

Officemax and Office Depot are giving $10 off the purchase of $150 or more in American Express gift cards. Unlike Staples that requires a rebate, this discount is taken off instantly at the register.

Generally with deals like this one it is best to use a Chase Ink card to earn 5X Ultimate Rewards points or an Amex SimplyCash card to earn 5% cash back since both Officemax and Office Depot are categorized as office supply stores.

Key Terms:

  • Valid 6/14/15 through 06/20/15
  • Limit one (1) offer per customer
  • $200 and variable load cards are excluded.

For more info and ways to liquidate, see: The complete guide to Amex gift cards

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12 Comments on "$10 off $150 or more in Amex gift cards at Office Depot/Officemax"

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I gotta buy TWO amex cards and only limit one?? Pass.

Rob P

Thank you for the heads up!


Anyone know if either of those places carry $200 gc? That might work better.


$200 GC specifically disallowed. That’s why this is a non-starter.


So since it’s 1 per customer, hypothetically you can go in there number of times and get this, correct?


How can we liquidate these now that it doesn’t work with Redbird? Email me if you can help. Alexander.leong@gmail.com


I think for the extra work, the return is minimal. It is absurd that they will not allow the purchase of a single $200 AmEx card.

So, instead of spending $6.95/$200 I have to spend $13.90 and get $10 back against that fee (one time only.)

Of course, I could spend $20 in gas to do it 3 times in the same day, recovering $30 against my $61.70 in gas & fees!


PASS on this one. You still have to convert these to VGC or MCGC to get rid of them. If RB/AFT loads with CC still worked it’d be great but as it stands now it’s not worth the effort.

Rob P

$5.95 fee for the $100 card.


So $11.90 for $200 AGC (2 x $100), net $1.90 for $200 with the extra difficulty of liquidating them. Still $1.90 plus some hassle for 1010 UR points isn’t bad. Of course, if the hassle includes buying VGC, well, may as well just buy the VGC straight and skip the extra $1.90 cost.


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Jerry Mandel

Good luck in finding a merchant in Dallas, Texas who will accept AMEX gift cards.