20% off a Variety of Gift Cards at Kroger – May Earn up to 4X Fuel Points

kroger gift card coupons july 2015

Kroger (and its subsidiaries) are offering several digital coupons offering in-store discounts for the purchase of gift cards.

The following coupons are available:

  • 20% off Gap, Gap Options, Banana Republic & Old Navy gift cards.
  • $10 off the purchase of 2 eBay gift cards.
  • $10 off the purchase of 2 Sephora gift cards.

To load the offers to your card, visit the site for your local Kroger affiliate, login and then go to the coupons section. These coupons will be under the “Other” category. This direct link may work.

Gift card purchases at Kroger normally earn 2X fuel rewards points. Some members are also targeted for 4X fuel rewards, so make sure to check your account for that as well.

For more info, see this Doctor of Credit post.

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your “direct link” takes you to ralphs. The below link takes you to a page where you get to choose which affiliate coupons you’d like to see



Hey Shawn!
In trying to max out Amex Checkout – I’ve successfully purchased three gift cards at Newegg. I have however – five Amex accounts. When the popup box has me sign in to amex – two of those cards don’t show up. Any idea what’s going on?
Appreciate any help,

K. Patel

Just came back from the Kroger. For Ebay and Sephora- $25/card and 2 cards deduct $10 at checkout screen.

But there was problem with Gap/Banana/Olds Navy- 20% discount capped off at $100 / brand of card. Even manager couldn’t figure out why. She read my digital coupon and said as per the wording it should allow 20% of any amount but it wasn’t happening. She suggested to do it 1 Card at a time, but with higher amount also it was taking off $20 only, not as per 20%. It looked like it capped off at $100 / card. So Manager suggested to do it for $100 /brand to get max discount and then try to repeat. But when we repeat, the coupon wasn’t working. After using it was not showing in coupons list too. I don’t know if its my local (Southeast MI) issue or is it this way all the way.


Nice to see Kroger get further into the e-gift card business…. hope they expand the offerings soon. Had all the ones you mentioned, but no offer to earn 4X fuel points this week. (saw an offer like that a month or so ago) Disappointed that Kroger is being “selective” with this offering…. not good.


Spoke too soon, into the email box last night came this:

“Because you’re one of our best Customers, you can start earning 4X fuel points on Gift Cards one week early with the digital coupon!”

🙂 (now through July 28th, plus a week after that for everyone)


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Is anyone getting 5x fuel points? To my surprise all gift cards I bought yesterday are giving me 5x fuel points not 4x. No limits on number of cards or amount. 20% off on all gap, banana, old navy cards.


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