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UPDATE 9/8/2015: Due to vulnerabilities detected in the comment plug-in we were using, we had to disable the plug-in to protect this site’s security.  We are actively looking for an alternative, but for now, unfortunately, we’re back to having to enter a comment in order to subscribe.

Sometimes, the best information is found not in my posts, but in the comments of my posts.  It has always been possible to subscribe to comments on this blog by writing a comment and selecting a subscription checkbox.  If you’ve seen comments that say nothing but “subscribe”, this is why.  People had to write something in order to subscribe, so they tended to write “subscribe”.  It’s a bit ridiculous, though, to make people write a comment if all they really want to do is lurk.  Now, lurkers can rejoice.  You can now subscribe to the comments of any post or page on this blog without writing a comment!

Below each page’s comments section, you’ll now see something like this:


Simply click the link and enter in your email address to subscribe to the comments on that page.

Pages worth subscribing to

Any post that you’re particularly interested in may be a good candidate.  After subscribing, you’ll receive an email each time someone comments on that page.  Many comments will likely be of no interest to you, but you never know when someone will share a critical piece of information.

Here are a few pages that I think are particularly subscription worthy:

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That’s just what I was going to say! Looks like there are others with a similar sense of humor out there.


I would like to comment on your post about comments. I think the fact that there are no comments commenting about your comments post is a comment in itself about your comments post. And that is all I have to comment about.


@Bob. That’s hilarious! Comment of the day.


Now, if only there were a way to keep spammers & phishers from infiltrating older posts with comments…


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