Get 2.25% Cashback on Amex Business Gift Cards at Top Cashback

top cashback amex gcs aug15

Top Cashback is offering 2.25% cashback on the purchase of Amex Business gift cards for today only (8/4/15). This is the exact day that Greg the Frequent Miler predicted for increased cashback at Top Cashback.

If you don’t already have a TopCashBack account, you can find a signup link and many other cool things here.


  • Do not use a promo code to reduce gift card fees or for free shipping since that will invalidate your cash back (the Premium Shipping Plan is fine, though).
  • Do not buy denominations higher than $2,000 (see: $2K denomination limit on Amex gift card cash back)


Please see the The Complete Guide to Amex Gift Cards.

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9 Comments on "Get 2.25% Cashback on Amex Business Gift Cards at Top Cashback"

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Can someone explain to me exactly how a business gift card is different from a regular gift card ?



I wonder if this means we won’t see 2.25% the day after SBC 2% next week like we normally do?


Thanks, Shawn. Almost got my $99 for “free shipping” paid for already.


Hey Shawn, any idea if Citi cards are safe? Always seems to be a mixed bag as far as data points goes.


woo hoo! I just did my first AMEX GC order and it worked perfectly. Order approved and cashback showing as pending within a couple of hours. Bought a $25 gift card this morning to get the 3 month trial of the free shipping and used a code to remove the gift card fee so that $25 card cost exactly $25. Went through Top Cashback this afternoon and got a $2000 card, paid the $3.95 fee, and the free shipping automatically attached as expected. I have felt intimidated to try this for months in case the cashback didn’t track but no problems at all.


Couple Points:
1) just signed up for TopCashBack using your link 😉
2) Citi – Just today (8/4/15), my 1st ever Citi AAdvantage card arrived.
– called and asked to reduce my cash advance limit. They would only go to $750
– used my new TopCashBack account to order a $1,000 AmEx Business GC
– cost me $12.90 – OUCH – but it gets me toward the $3,000 minimum spend. . . and it was a good test to see how local WM will treat the AmEx (plan to purchase Visa GC for loading Serve)
3) Worked flawlessly

Any other suggestions on how to make this cheaper? 🙂

And thanks for your site. Very new to this and it has been very helpful.


How are you all getting the free shipping trial?