$200 Staples eGift Card for $170 – Stack with Promos for up to 22% Off

staples 200 170

Paypal Digital Gifts via eBay is offering $200 Staples eGift cards for $170 with a limit of 2 per user id. All eBay members receive 2% back in eBay Bucks and Top Cashback is also paying 1.2% back as well. Purchases from Paypal Digital Gifts have been known to earn 5X Ultimate Rewards with Chase Ink.

4X eBay Bucks

Many members have been targeted with a 4X eBay Bucks promotion good on purchases of $100 or more through today. If you have this offer, then you will receive 8% in eBay Bucks instead of the normal 2%.

Sample Math w/ 8% eBay Bucks
  • Cost of 2 cards: $340
  • 8% eBay Bucks: $27.20
  • 1.2% portal cashback: $4.08
  • Final cost: $308.72
  • Discount off face: 22.82%
  • Possible UR earned with Ink: 1,700
Discounted eBay Gift Card

Paypal Digital Gifts is also selling a $105 worth of eBay gift cards for $100 with a limit of 1. Purchasing discounted eBay gift cards can help to deepen your savings on deals like the Staples one. Note though that eBay gift cards take up to 4 hours to activate.

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16 Comments on "$200 Staples eGift Card for $170 – Stack with Promos for up to 22% Off"

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Got it!

Question…can I use the staples gift card to buy visa gift cards?


Can you buy other gift cards, online or in-store, with a Staples egift card? I don’t MS, or have any use for $400 in Staples merchandise, but I would use many of the gift cards they sell.


Shawn, thanks for the tip! Great find as always.

Something weird happened: I could not use my Ebay eGift card redemption codes to pay for these Staples GC. Always worked in the past, but I had to delete all redemption codes and pay with a CC (through Paypal) for it to go through. Paypal kept saying that it couldn’t proceed with the chosen payment method.

Just a weird hiccup you think?

Jason Thomas

Happened with me also now. I was assuming that they are cracking down on MS (both mine and my wife’s account have this issue). Interestingly, I was able to get one Staples GC through ebay GC, but I still have not received Staples GC. So maybe they could cancel that also!


Not giving me the option to pay with any other pmt method but paypal


I’m not able to pay with ANY credit card in my PayPal account. I keep getting an error message: “This credit card cannot be used at this time. Please select another payment method.” Wondering if this is widespread or just my account. Perhaps related to Jeff’s comment above mine?

Joe Ehrenreich

Thanks for the heads up! In for two. No 4X on eBay purchases, but did get the 1.2%, 2X eBay cash back, and hopefully 5X on points with Ink. Thanks again!!!


Anyone received $5 ebay coupon yet? $100 came through…


^Got it…

Diamond Vargas

No longer available.