Kmart offering 100% back in SYWR points for multiple items. Many items available for delivery.

Kmart is again offering multiple items for sale for 100% back in points. Some of the items are available for shipment (previous similar offers had items for pickup in-store only). This is great for those who want to roll Sears gift card credit into points as described in this recent post: Roll gift cards into points for triple rewards.


To find these offers:

  • Go to your favorite portal for Kmart. Discover is currently offering 10%. Click through to Kmart.
  • Log into your Kmart SYWR (Shop Your Way Rewards) account and go to the Weekly Member Deals (found under “Deals Center”).
  • Search for 100% back in points.
    Note: If you don’t see the items shown in the images above, simply search for ”Wicked Audio”
  • When you add items to your shopping cart, make sure that the shopping cart page indicates that you’ll earn the same amount in points as the total price.
  • Apply coupons, if you have any good ones
  • Ideally pay with a Sears/Kmart gift card that you obtained through a portal or at a discount

Why do we care about these offers?

Please see: Roll gift cards into points for triple rewards

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Andrew C
Andrew C

Most of these same items have been available for days/weeks, but none (?) are in stock for shipping anymore. If I could put together a big enough order, I’d consider store pickup, but the odds that it gets botched for Kmart staff and negates cashback is way too high to be worth it!


Speaking of Discover Deals Clawbacks…a question for you; I have purchased a large amount of Discover Do It Yourself Home Improvement Gift Cards (at 5 times points AND some of them 5% cashback ). My plan was to go through Disc Deals to Sears and use the HIGC to buy Sears E-Giftcards. I’m worried that Discover might claw back if I do that….any thoughts? What is the liklihood? I tested buying 1 $500 Sears E GC this way on Saturday and still no confirm from Discover Deals on eaning the cashback. I’m new to Discover deals. How long should it take to get a DD cashback confirm? Also I’m worried about your SYW rewards not working because i specifically states in the Restrictions at DD not SWY.


[…] Kmart offering 100% back in SYWR points for multiple items. Many items available for delivery. by Frequent Miler. I don’t have the time for SYWR deals, but I know lots of people make a nice profit from them. […]


OMG have you ever ordered something with 100% SYWR for pickup and the store didn’t have sufficient quantity to fulfill the order? I ordered 3x of 3 items. They had 3x of one, 2x of another, and 2x of another. Missing 2 items. My Kmart order status shows that 3x and 3x have already been picked up. The manager says she has my 7 items in store. I was overcharged $50 on my Sears gift card and shorted $110 in SYW points. Spoken with 3 people and 2 supervisors today. Everyone is really friendly, but says this happens every time they sell something online and their inventory is wrong. I haven’t picked the order up yet because I’m afraid I’m about to get screwed out of hundreds of dollars. NIGHTMARE!!!


And I haven’t even thought about this until now — but did their inventory mistake just void my entire Southwest portal points, or will I receive actual points for what they actually sold me?