$100 ebay gift cards for $90 from Target.com

As reported by Doctor of Credit, Target.com is offering $100 ebay gift cards for only $90.

Please see Doctor of Credit’s post for details about how to maximize this offer.

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7 Comments on "$100 ebay gift cards for $90 from Target.com"

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I was able to order 3 x $100, 3 x $50 and 3 x $25 worth of cards at a 10% discount. Used 4 $100 Target GCs that I purchased a while back and used the remaining $48.88 on the redbird card. I got the 5% redbird discount on the entire order. So, I got $525 worth of ebay GCs for $448.88 (15.5% discount)


Thank you! I got 3 $100 Ebay cards at 10% discount = $270, then minus 5% Redcard discount of $13.50. Cart total $256.50

Used 2 $100 Target GCs and 1 $44.20 purchased during Amex $30 off $100 (essentially 30% discount). Discount from Amex deal: $30+$30+$13.26 = $73.26.

Total discounts:
Target deal $30
Redcard discount $13.50
Amex discount $73.26
Total $116.76

So $300 Ebay GCs for $183.24. Thanks, “The Frequent Miler” (Shawn and Greg) and “Doctor of Credit.”

Wouldn’t it be funny if Target GCs are discounted soon on Ebay?


I ordered 3 about 4 hours ago. My order was just cancelled with no explanation.


Ordered $100 x 3 today with Target eGCs I purchased from Cardpool. Just received cancellation notices from Target…this game is getting more frustrating by the day if I can’t even buy $300 worth of GCs without being cancelled. Now I’m stuck with Target GCs and I **never** shop at Target 🙁


Finally got it to work. I added other small items (which also shipped for free due to the order being over $25 total) and choose $50 Ebay cards instead of $100 cards. I just got some Clif bars that I regularly buy anyways. Not sure if it’s the $50 cards or the other items that triggered my success but was able to drain my Target GCs. Pretty obvious this is low-volume though — Target definitely looks like they don’t want to get played here.


Last night I ordered (3) $50 gift cards, as the 100’s were not listed, and paid with my Target Red Card. A few hours ago, 3 emails rolled in, each cancelling one of the gift cards in the order “due to technical difficulties”. At this point, I say Eff You Target.


I just noticed that ebay gift cards are no longer available on Target.com (not out of stock, literally, the page says that this item is no longer available). Pretty bummed because the $5 RedCard discount was part of my stacking routine.