My top 17 picks: Amazon Prime members can now download Veep, Orphan Black, and much more to iOS and Android devices.

Amazon Prime Video

I’m excited! Amazon recently announced that Prime members (in in the U.S., U.K., Germany and Austria) can now download Prime Video to iOS and Android devices.  I fired up the Amazon Video app on my iPad and, sure enough, I  was greeted with this:

Amazon Prime Video

This is great because its now possible to watch shows when traveling, even when far from a good internet connection.  This will come in especially handy on long flights with poor in-flight entertainment options.  And, when traveling with my family, its not unusual for us to want to veg out at night after a long day of sightseeing or adventure.  Now, assuming we thought ahead and downloaded a bunch of shows, we won’t be left struggling to stream video over a hotel’s poor internet connection.

Note that not all Amazon video content is free via Amazon Prime.  Many recent movies, for example, are available only for rent or purchase.  Amazon has long allowed rented / purchased shows to be downloaded.  What’s new is that the shows that are free to stream for Amazon Prime members can now be downloaded for offline viewing.

Some of my favorite Amazon Prime Videos

In case you’re looking for recommendations of what to download for your next trip, here are are some of my favorite TV shows that are downloadable today (often, not all seasons are yet available).  These are roughly sorted in order of my personal preference (I love Orphan Black!):

  1. Orphan Black
  2. Veep
  3. Catastrophe
  4. The Newsroom
  5. Arrested Development
  6. Parks and Recreation
  7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  8. Endeavour
  9. Parenthood
  10. Six Feet Under
  11. Grimm
  12. How I met your mother
  13. Extant
  14. 24
  15. The Americans
  16. Justified
  17. Suits

Your recommendations?

I’ve already watched most of the available episodes from the list above.  What else is available on Amazon Prime Video that you recommend?

Hat tip: Pizza in motion

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The Frozen Ground with Nicholas Cage. Also, my brother does sound on Parenthood.


Pleased to see Buffy on your list.


If you like Buffy, try Firefly. Also Deadwood is one of the greatest shows ever.


So you can’t download to a pic laptop?


I think Endeavor is such a great show. I was a big Morse fan as a kid watching PBS. I know it’s not on your list, but have you watched Lewis?


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Do you know if this applies to all Kindle Fires too? I know at one point in time only Kindle Fire HDX owners could download and watch the free content later.

Thinking about buying a used tablet for a 3 week trip to Asia just for watching videos, which is why I’m asking.