$25 off $100 at Staples.com with Visa Checkout

staples visa checkout

Staples is offering $25 off of a purchase of $100 or more when you pay through Visa Checkout. Certain items such as gift cards are excluded and there is a limit of 1 discount per person/account.

Unlike past promotions, there doesn’t seem to be a page explaining the full terms, however I have verified this does work on most merchandise.

To get the discount:

  • Add $100 or more of items to your cart.
  • Select the Visa Checkout payment option on the checkout screen.
  • Sign-in to your Visa Checkout account or create a new one.
  • After selecting your payment method through Visa Checkout you will be returned to the final checkout screen on the Staples website. The $25 discount will be reflected in the final price at this point.
  • Submit your order when ready.

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So if you had a $25 off $75 coupon, you could use that and get $125 worth of product for $75. Good deal.


Anyone having issues successfully logging into Visa Checkout? I have two issues, the Visa Checkout button is not “clickable” in the Visa Checkout page on Staples and when going to Visa Checkout main site, I click “Login” button and receive “If you keep seeing this page, please contact client support. Please provide your company name and other contact information”. Could easily be my own issue, but multiple browsers on my machine all having same problem.