Great Fare: USA to Australia from $417 Roundtrip

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Virgin Australia and Delta currently have some amazing fares from both San Francisco and New York to Australia from September to November, 2016. Many routes allow for an open-jaw leaving from one city and returning to another.

Routes & Prices

According to Secret Flying, here are some of the available routes and prices:

San Francisco – Sydney – Los Angeles: $417 (open-jaw)
San Francisco – Brisbane – Los Angeles: $429 (open-jaw)
San Francisco – Sydney – Miami: $457 (open-jaw)
New York – Brisbane – Miami: $474 (open-jaw)
San Francisco – Melbourne – Dallas: $483 (open-jaw)
San Francisco – Melbourne – Los Angeles: $484 (open-jaw)
San Francisco – Sydney: $499
New York – Sydney – Miami: $502 (open-jaw)
San Francisco – Melbourne: $509
New York – Melbourne – Dallas: $528 (open-jaw)
New York – Brisbane: $540
New York – Sydney: $577
New York – Melbourne: $603

For more details about how to search for these fares along with available dates, see: this Secret Flying post.

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Have you seen any deals like that starting in SYD or MEL and going to the US?