[Update: Wyndham rates are back to 15K] Confirmed Wyndham bug. Book sub 15K rates quickly!

Update: Wyndham Wyzard has confirmed that this is a bug and that they’re working to fix it so hurry and get your under 15K bookings in now!

Wyndham Wyzard

A reader emailed me this morning to ask if I something has changed with Wyndham Rewards.  Just two days after selling their points via Daily Getaways, their website is no longer showing a fixed 15K point rate for free nights.  For example, when I search the Ann Arbor area, I get many different award prices ranging from 5,500 points to 14,000 points.

Wyndham Not 15K

And, in New York City, I see award prices ranging from 15,000 to 30,000 points per night.

Wyndham Rewards 15K Not

A bug?

Given that Wyndham made a big deal about their new 15K per night flat rate award pricing, my guess is that this is a bug and that it will be fixed soon.


If you want to book a night and it shows up as less than 15K points per night, then book it immediately.

If the room you want is showing up as more than 15K points per night, then wait a bit until this gets sorted out.

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I’ve had a terrible experience with Wyndham rewards over the past week trying to book a hotel with points. First try online, points were subtracted from my account but I never got any confirmation. When I called in, they said the booking didn’t go through, but they could take care of it online. After 45 minutes on the line, they were able to confirm everything and get me a confirmation number… but still not email, and no reservation found online with the number they gave me. When I called the hotel directly, they had a different confirmation number, which did show up online. But now, 2 days later, neither confirmation number shows up online… I’m afraid I will have to call again.


I forgot my point. .. there is evidence that Wyndham’s website is buggy.


Really considering whether to purchase the daily getaways deal or not still… The gofast points+cash options can make sense in some cases and would present a lot of savings, but their website is so buggy today I can’t see if it works for any of my future travel plans as the hotels are showing up as 30k points or 3k points + price of the hotel on a regular cash stay minus $5 ($0.00016 per point).


Oh man….if they really did away with their 15k flat pricing immediately after selling all those points, I am going to be pissed. I spent $300 specifically so I could redeem them for 2 NYC nights, and now the majority of NYC hotels are showing as 30,000 points. This is ridiculous and misleading.


Look at what Alaska did when they had just sold points at a discount — increased the price of Emirates redemptions by up to 100% right at the end of the sale. They ended up offering refunds to people that bought points.

Joshua Knauer

Very true. I would hope Wyndham would offer the same deal (or at least face enough pressure that they have to offer it), if they really did pull this incredible bait-and-switch. I’m hoping it isn’t true, but if it is I will be one very un-happy caller to customer service.


I was actually looking this past week to book at the Wyndham Grand Bad-Reichenhall, Germany, a hotel that up until yesterday was bookable, and today, even though it is still featured on the website, when you try to book (cash, points, whatever) the property doesn’t even appear anymore!


I don’t think it’s a technical glitch or bug at all. If every hotel was showing 30k per night or 10k per night, I would think it’s a glitch but each hotels are listing different award redemption rate. Which tells me that someone had to put those prices in the database. Maybe this update was released a bit too prematurely but I think this is real.


Just called. Wingate shows 30K online but on phone its 15K, booking now. I suggest you guys do the same and hold it now and cancel later if need be. refund of points show up within 24 hours.

The Wyndham Rewards Wyzard

You are correct, friends – this is a bug. We did a site refresh this morning, as a result old configurations were pulled up. That said, I’m working my magic to get the issue cleared up ASAP. Nothing has changed – 15,000 points gets members a free night at any Wyndham Rewards hotel around the world! As always, members can call us with any questions at 1.866.WYN.RWDS.

Ric Garrido

Don’t panic everyone.

Wyndham Rewards added online booking with points for Tryp and Dolce hotels today and the system reverted back to early 2015 reward prices for all other hotel brands. It is a glitch. All hotels will still be 15,000 points on GoFree rewards.

This will be a positive program change since now Tryp hotels and Dolce reward nights will be bookable online. These hotel brands required a phone reservation before to use points.

All Tryp and Dolce hotel reward nights show the correct 15,000 points GoFree rate. The rates will be fixed to read 15,000 points GoFree reward nights for all other hotels.


Can’t seem to figure out how to do a Dolce reward night online — is this functionality working as of today or no?


It’s Wyndham that’s what happened. I don’t trust Wyndham. They have a long….history of below average offers and defective bookings.

Oh and this doesn’t point out the below average hotels. Just sayin.


A bait & switch tactic from a third tier chain. Pathetic!

A Microtel or Days Inn in booneyville NY is now 16K/night? What???


They have unilaterally shut down any booking on their website now.

will s.

wow….. what a scare….. I’ve been looking forward to booking multiple night stay on the Mexican Riviera in May (the viva all inclusive spots)….. and so hope that 15k rate for them is still intact. (just checked via the Viva resorts page — appears to be ok there — but off line on the main wyndham reservation page)